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Crash Proof Retirement® Spotlight: Joe & Eileen Mangeney

Joe and Eileen Mangeney have been Crash Proof Consumers since 2010 and averaging 5% with their Crash Proof Retirement® System. That’s money that has been credited as “interest’ to their accounts, and can never be taken away unless they decide to withdraw it. Watch the Mangeneys share their feeling...

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Crash Proof Retirement® Spotlight: Al Butikis

Crash Proof Retirement® Consumers

The Crash Proof Retirement® System, created by Phil Cannella, has helped thousands of people to secure their retirement futures. Today, we focus the Crash Proof Retirement® Spotlight on Al Butikis of South Philadelphia. Al is a ret...

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Crash Proof Retirement® Show: Avoid Securities In Your Retired Years!

Last week on The Crash Proof Retirement® Show, Phil Cannella and co-host Joann Small discussed the dangers of securities for people in retirement, while highlighting some alternative investments in the form of Crash Proof vehicles that are not subject to market risk or fees. First Senior Financial G...

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Crash Proof Retirement® Testimonial: Frank DeFelice

Crash Proof Retirement® consumer and former member of the United States Treasury Department, Frank DeFelice, reacts below to the recent claims in the NY Post speculating that there is no such thing as a Crash Proof Retirement®: Dear Phil Cannella and Joann Small, ...

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