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Joann Small has dedicated more than four decades empowering women and retirees to take control of their financial future. As a young professional, Mrs. Small discovered how the costs of nursing homes and senior care facilities were impoverishing retirees. As a result, Small began educating clients about the benefits of long-term care protection. After the 2001 financial crisis, Small continued to build strong relationships as she worked tirelessly to protect her clients from further financial distress. She understands her clients on a personal level and empathizes with them in their financial woes, which has lifted Small above her industry counterparts. Her work ethic and results caught the attention of Mr. Cannella, Founder of Crash Proof Retirement, LLC. In 2008, Mr. Cannella approached a reluctant Small to join the Crash Proof Retirement Show, a new CBS Radio weekly broadcast seeking to educate listeners about safe alternative investments. When Small made her first appearance, she immediately made an impact. Consumers fell in love with her knowledge of the industry and her compassion for those struggling financially. In 2012, Small became the CEO of Crash Proof Retirement, LLC applying her extensive experience to protect thousands of clients from the volatility and dangers of the stock market. She is a pioneer for women in the financial industry and has made a career of advocating and caring for her clients, which is exemplified by hundreds of testimonials from clients and employees.


An alumna of the University of Miami, Mrs. Small’s passion is derived from being an experienced woman in a male-dominated industry. Small has earned recognition from local figures in Philadelphia and admiration from those around her. She recognizes the challenges that seniors, especially women, face and provides education on safe investment vehicles that provide clients the peace of mind to be financially secure in their retirement. Small works closely with the Crash Proof Retirement team to ensure that the interests of their clients are always the company’s first priority. She and her team complete a mandatory yearly education course on IRAs and tax law changes to uphold their fiduciary responsibility. These certificates ensure that Crash Proof consumers have the most up-to-date, accurate, and useful information. Thanks to Small’s leadership and passion to learn, she and the Crash Proof Retirement team are equipped with the necessary information to effectively advise their clients. To the women around her, she is the perfect embodiment of a leader.


Under Phil Cannella and Joann Small’s leadership, Crash Proof Retirement has made sizable donations to local communities and organizations. This has included $325,000 donated to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, predominantly through the WOGL Loves Our Kids Radiothon. For the last five years, Crash Proof Retirement has donated $10,000 annually to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania’s Patient Services and Special Needs Fund. Additionally, Crash Proof Retirement has worked closely with the National Liberty Museum since 2014, sponsoring over 200 students in the Young Heroes Outreach Program and donating over $250,000 to the museum. Peggy Sweeney, the Chief Development Officer for the Museum said, “[Joann] has made it possible for our educators to serve hundreds of children in underserved schools, which teaches kids personal responsibility, empathy for others, and the social skills that will enable them to succeed in school and in life.” Small has also spent time supporting military veterans through the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 1068 in Southern New Jersey by donating to help fund their participation in a local parade. Donations and community interaction have also taken place with the American Red Cross, Urban League of Philadelphia, Strengthening the Mid-Atlantic Region For Tomorrow, Northampton Lions Foundation, Jewish United Fund, National Kidney Foundation, Semper Fi Fund, Upper Darby Marine Corps League, and Shopping for Soldiers.

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