You’re invited to a private screening of a documentary film,

from award-winning director Doug Orchard


“The Baby Boomer Dilemma”

Phil Cannella, Joann Small, and the Crash Proof Retirement® team invite you to register for a private screening of the documentary film, “The Baby Boomer Dilemma: An Exposé of America’s Retirement Experiment.” In this groundbreaking movie from award-winning director Doug Orchard, you’ll hear from Nobel Prize-winning economists, PhDs from the Wharton School of Business, MIT, and Harvard, along with government officials about the Baby Boomer dilemma on the horizon & how you can protect your retirement future!

  • See why viewers are shouting from the rooftops, “Eye-opening!” and “I’m going to tell everyone that I know about it!”
  • Learn how the financial industry has pulled the wool over your eyes.
  • Discover how Baby Boomers’ 401(k)s, pensions, and other traditional investments aren’t as safe as they once thought, especially in Philadelphia.
  • Find out all the hidden fees in mutual funds that diminish up to 40% of your retirement funds.

After the movie, Crash Proof Retirement® will educate you on the solutions to the Baby Boomer dilemma that are discussed by the experts in the movie – including the proprietary Crash Proof Retirement® System, which provides guarantees backed by the financial life insurance industry such as, principal protection, the potential for double-digit returns, an 85% TAX-FREE income over 10 years, which you can increase up to 25% as an inflation fighter if needed, and more!

Each private screening is followed by a Crash Proof Retirement® education and dinner, all of which is completely free of charge.

Registration is required. Seating is limited. Click the button below and fill out the form to reserve your seat today.

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