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Crash Proof Retirement Testimonial: Frank DeFelice

Crash Proof Retirement Testimonial: Frank DeFelice

Crash Proof Retirement consumer and former member of the United States Treasury Department, Frank DeFelice, reacts below to the recent claims in the NY Post speculating that there is no such thing as a Crash Proof Retirement:

Dear Phil Cannella and Joann Small, 

    I retired in 2013 after serving almost 25 years with the United States Treasury Department in Washington, DC and Philadelphia. I became aware of the Crash Proof Retirement System during 2008 when the Crash Proof Retirement Show was first broadcast on WPHT, 1210 Radio in Philadelphia. Being a member of the Treasury Department during the Bush, Clinton, and Obama Administrations endowed me with knowledge the average citizen is not usually cognizant of with respect to the economy and things of a financial nature.

     The then New Obama Administration’s Economic Advisor at the time, Christine Roamer, was proposing adverse radical changes to 401K Plans (e.g. eliminating the Tax Sheltering aspect of the Plan) which I considered both possible and unacceptable. I continued to listen intently to Phil Cannella’s weekly program and started looking at possible alternatives to the Government’s 401K (aka Thrift Savings Plan) for my retirement (which was not far off) and considered the Crash Proof Retirement System as an alternative to the Thrift Savings Plan.

     I arranged for an interview at First Senior Financial Group in King of Prussia, Pa. Everything was laid out in front of me and I can assure you, I asked probing questions which individuals with my background would put forth. I could find no deception as to what had been presented to me. After the initial meeting I looked further into the validity of the Crash Proof Retirement System and decided to become a client.

     The Design Team came up with an absolutely magnificent package which has resulted in a stunning 16.7% increase in our original investment in one year with First Senior Financial Group’s Crash Proof Retirement System. As a former member of the United States Treasury Department, I can attest to the validity of everything I have heard Phil Cannella and Joann Small present to the public to date, both on their radio program as well as in private meetings with my wife, Ms. Small, Phil Cannella and their Associates.

 Frank DeFelice

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