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Is the “Baby Boomer Bubble” About to Burst?

As the largest generation prior to 2020, baby boomers have been a tremendous force in building up the U.S. economy over the past several decades, and in helping it recover after economic downturns like we saw in 2001, 2008, and 2020. Their spending and investment acti...

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The Crash Proof Retirement Show Welcomed Alicia Munnell for an Exclusive Interview

The Reason Why Americans Fear Running Out of Money More Than Death

As we navigate through an increasingly uncertain economic climate, concerns regarding retirement security are growing among those approaching their golden years. A recent study by Allianz Life Read More

The Impact of Repealing the Glass-Steagall Act

In the leadup to the “Black Tuesday” Stock Market Crash of 1929, and Banking Collapse of 1933, lax financial regulations created an economic environment where speculation with the everyday American’s money was rampant. Major banks gambled with their customers’ money, ...

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Retirees going back to work

Study: 40% of Retirees Plan to Return to the Workforce in 2024

In today's society, a significant amount of retirees are finding themselves living at or below the poverty level. This phenomenon is largely due to several factors that have converged to create a perfect storm for retirees facing financial hardship. They are contendin...

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The Investment Gender Gap: Women Feel Ignored by Financial Advisors

In March, we observe Women’s History Month to recognize and celebrate the vital role that women have played in shaping American history. Indeed, women have made countless contributions to society, and yet, in one area, they still feel like outsiders: retirement planning. Although more women than eve...

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How Our Government’s Spending Addiction Will Trigger A “Day Of Reckoning”

The United States is facing a growing crisis – a $100 trillion federal deficit and exploding debt totaling $17 trillion amongst everyday Americans. According to the most current data from The Federal Reserve Bank of New York and FINRA, mortgage debt has topped $12 trillion, credit card debt has surg...

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Plan for Long-Term Care Expenses

3 Reasons Why You Need to Plan for Long-Term Care Expenses

As difficult as it may be to accept, we are all likely to suffer from health issues during our retirement, and those issues could require skilled care at home or in a nursing facility. Do you know how you will cover the costs associated with receiving skilled care? Do...

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Will the 2024 Social Security COLA Be Enough

Will the 2024 Social Security COLA Be Enough?

With rampant inflation continuing to affect nearly every sector of the economy, those in and near retirement are concerned about whether their income will be enough to meet their expenses. Those who receive the majority of their income from Social Security are at the ...

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Inflation Americans Need an Extra $11,434 Annually to Maintain Their Standard of Living

Inflation: Americans Need an Extra $11,434 Annually to Maintain Their Standard of Living

A recent analysis by the Senate Joint Economic Committee (JEC) has revealed that Americans need an extra $11,434 in annual income on average to maintain the same standard of living they enjoyed in January 2021. This figure was determined based on data from the Consume...

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Are We Experiencing a “Silent Recession”

Are We Experiencing a “Silent Recession?”

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic caused stocks to slump, economists around the world have been predicting a recession in the United States that could spread to affect the entire world. While the U.S. did technically meet the criteria for a recession in June 2022 after...

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