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Crash Proof Retirement Show: Avoid Securities In Your Retired Years!

Crash Proof Retirement Show: Avoid Securities In Your Retired Years!

Last week on The Crash Proof Retirement Show, Phil Cannella and co-host Joann Small discussed the dangers of securities for people in retirement, while highlighting some alternative investments in the form of Crash Proof vehicles that are not subject to market risk or fees.

First Senior Financial Group is the home of the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System, which operates under a fiduciary responsibility to every one of our clients. That means the client’s best interest is the first priority—in fact, the only priority.

By contrast, Wall Street advisers are trying to make as much money as they can, whether your account makes money or loses money.

“And they’re getting away with it, through heavy commissions and ongoing fees,” Phil Cannella pointed out to listeners.

Crash Proof Vehicles are not securities. They are not subject to market risk, uncertainty, corruption or the lack of fiduciary responsibility that exists on Wall Street. “We are not licensed to sell securities,” Phil Cannella clarified. “Nor would we ever recommend them to investors in or near retirement.”

Just think how many nights you’ve laid awake in bed, thinking about the stock market and worrying that you could lose 30% or 40% in another market crash—as many investors did in 2008? Millions of Americans are in danger of not having enough money to maintain their current standard of living in retirement.

Phil Cannella created the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System, He likes to refer to these safe alternatives as “sleep well accounts”, meaning that the client can rest easy, knowing that their retirement nest eggs are safe & secure, allowing them to sleep well at night.

Last week, Phil Cannella cited a report by the Center for American Progress, which found that more than 50% of households will not have enough money in retirement. Don’t run out of money in the recess years of your life—learn more about Crash Proof Retirement today, and complete your American dream.

Tune in to The Crash Proof Retirement Show every Saturday at 11 a.m. on Philadelphia’s number-one talk station, Talk Radio 1210 WPHT-AM. Listen as hosts Phil Cannella and Joann Small report on the pressing issues and news that affect your retirement.

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