Crash Proof Retirement

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Crash Proof Retirement Plan in King of Prussia

What is Crash Proof Retirement? Crash Proof Retirement is a proven way to grow and preserve 100% of your principal investment with no up-front costs, no market risk and no recurring fees. Used exclusively by First Senior Financial Group, the Crash Proof Retirement System has already shown positive performance through the Crash of 2008 by utilizing the often misunderstood Crash Proof Retirement Vehicles that are guaranteed and customized to address your financial concerns and goals throughout your retirement. As consumer advocates, our licensed Educators focus on developing your Crash Proof Retirement through financial literacy and building your confidence to make informed decisions regarding income planning, tax planning, and estate planning.

Crash Proof Retirement

1-800-722-9728 • Crash Proof Retirement •

Comparable to the maestro of a symphony orchestra blending many unique musical instruments so, when in concert, they produce a beautiful melody, our federally trademarked Crash Proof Retirement Guide orchestrates and blends multiple financial instruments into a finely tuned arrangement that works in concert to satisfy all of your financial goals with preservation of principal as the foundation.  The guide provides for division of your assets among various world-renowned, highly rated companies.  There are multiple segments and various financial insurance instruments, divided into separate cycles IRA assets and non-qualified assets (non-IRA), all orchestrated together to effectively and efficiently work in concert to achieve your particular goals, providing the guaranteed income you need while potentially growing your portfolio to an amount greater than the original deposits, without being subject to the downside of market risk.

The guide is designed to utilize your assets in a manner providing you with maximum safety of principal while maintaining excellent growth opportunity and the flexibility to alter your income if needed as well as access lump sum amounts in the event of an emergency.  The plan has the flexibility to adjust to your desire to maintain direct management over certain assets you would choose.

1-800-722-9728 • Crash Proof Retirement •

What are Crash Proof Vehicles?

There are two classes of investments to choose from: Risk-Class and Fixed-Class.
Click here to read about the differences between the Risk-Class and Fixed-Class

Crash Proof Retirement only utilizes investments from the Fixed-Class that contain features that benefit the consumer, not the advisor. For example, in addition to crediting interest and never losing principle, the Crash Proof Vehicles:

  • Are tax-deferred
  • Could be protected from Bankruptcy
  • Give you access to your money at any time
  • Allow your beneficiaries to receive the investment’s full growth at your passing

Crash Proof Vehicles are investment contracts that were created in 1995 and are issued by Insurance companies.

The Wharton School of Business concluded a study in 2010 on the performance of these investment contracts and stated that they couldn’t be placed in an existing investment product category. We refer to them as Crash Proof Vehicles due to their hallmark feature of asset growth while never losing investment principal to market risk or recurring fees.

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1-800-722-9728 • Crash Proof Retirement •

Crash Proof Retirement Consumer-Driven Process

First Senior Financial Group is the only firm in the country with the rights to use the Crash Proof Retirement Strategy. While most other investment companies work with all age groups, our licensed Retirement Educators work exclusively with retirees and are required to attend intense continuing education courses on the details of income planning, tax planning, and estate planning. Typically, the Crash Proof Retirement Consumer-Driven Process requires three appointments; however, our team will be with you every step of the way until you feel comfortable enough to make an informed decision.

Intelligent Research

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Consumer Advocacy Links

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office Senior Crime Prevention University
Here you can find information on how to sign up for a class about preventing fraud, and the site also contains links to the PA Department of Aging and other useful links for retirees.

The PA Attorney General’s Office Elder Abuse Unit
File a complaint with the PA Attorney General’s Elder Abuse Unit

The Pennsylvania Bar Association
Here you can find the PA Bar Association’s Free Guide to Legal Issues specific to retirees and seniors. This guide can help you with a number of issues faced by retirees in the state of Pennsylvania, and is helpful for retirees and people preparing for retirement. – The Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection

The FBI’s information about common frauds, schemes, and scams

Information from the FBI about frauds specifically directed at seniors and retirees
The Securities and Exchange Commission

Investor Education
Contains helpful information from the SEC that investors, young and old alike, should know before making any big financial decisions.

Investor Bulletins and Alerts
Warnings from the SEC about specific financial scams. This resource can help you identify any scams you may have been taken in by.

File a Complaint
Investors can use this to report scams and file complaints against advisors and financial companies.

The Better Business Bureau’s Consumer Scam Alerts

The Better Business Bureau’s “Scam Stopper” Page

Federal Reserve Consumer Help
Report if you have a problem with a bank or other financial institution.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Voice your concerns or research other consumer complaints here.

Charity Navigator
Avoid falling for a charity scam by investigating any charity before donating.  This site also provides information about common scams relating to charities.

National Silver Alert
This organization provides resources to help retirees, seniors, and anyone who may be cognitively impaired avoid being scammed. Here you will find links to the National “Do not call” registry, Links to free credit reports, and places to reported suspected fraud.

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service
Provides resources to protect Seniors and Retirees from telemarketing and mail fraud scams.

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