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Safe Alternative To Wall Street

Expert Report: Wait! There’s a Safe Alternative to Wall Street?

It is all too common for investors to place their retirement nest egg in harm’s way by investing in high-risk stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Many people are led to believe that the only way to grow and maintain their nest egg is through these risky investments.  In ...

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Guaranteed Income For Life

Expert Report: Listen to This Before Purchasing Products That Offer Guaranteed Income for Life

While planning for your retirement, have you ever considered purchasing a financial product that provides guaranteed income for life? In this Expert Report, Phil Cannella shares some of the disadvantages of purchasing these products for the everyday American retiree. ...

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When To Collect Your Social Security Benefits

Expert Report: Expert Report: When To Collect Your Social Security Benefits?

Did you know that collecting your benefits before your full retirement age will decrease your Social Security payments and could reduce your benefits by 30%? In this Expert Report, Phil Cannella identifies Americans’ full retirement age and explains how retirees can g...

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getting financial education

Expert Report: It’s Never Too Late to Receive Financial Education

In this Expert Report, Phillip Cannella highlights research showing that the everyday American is woefully uninformed about safe alternatives to Wall Street that can help you protect your investments during your retirement.

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Expert Report: Things You Didn’t Know About The Dodd-Frank Act

Because of the Dodd-Frank Act in 2010, banks that are struggling have authorization to use their depositors’ funds to maintain their own solvency. In this Expert Report Phil Cannella explains why your investments are not entirely secure if your funds are sitting in th...

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Expert Report: Depression Proof Investments

When The Great Depression struck there were investments from only one industry that didn't lose a penny, and were still liquid for the investor despite the economic chaos. In his weekly expert report, heard on Tuesdays during The Nick Kayal Show and Thursdays during T...

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Expert Report: How High Is Your Financial IQ?

Did you know that a recent study found that 63% of the U.S population failed a basic financial literacy test, according to The American Institution of CPA’s Financial Literacy Commission (AICPA). In this Expert Report Phil Cannella explains how a lack of financial lit...

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Expert Report: The Difference Between Interest Credited and Gains on Wall Street.

You’ve probably notices that the gains you see on your mutual fund statements never keep up with the performance of the stock market. Retirement Phase Expert Phil Cannella explains why interest returns, like the ones credited by The Exclusive Crash Proof Retirement Sy...

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Expert Report: How To Identify Bad Financial Habits

Bad financial habits plague all investors. Crash Proof Retirement System Founder Phillip Cannella explains how to identify those bad financial habits, what those habits are, where they come from, and how to overcome them: 

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Expert Report: Do I Have The Right Advisor?

Financial planning for retirement requires a different strategy than the one you used while you were working. As a result, you need a different type of retirement planner. Retirement Phase Expert Phil Cannella explains what that means in this report: