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Expert Report: It’s Never Too Late to Receive Financial Education

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Expert Report: It’s Never Too Late to Receive Financial Education

In this Expert Report, Phillip Cannella highlights research showing that the everyday American is woefully uninformed about safe alternatives to Wall Street that can help you protect your investments during your retirement.

Report Transcription

“We all send our children to school to get educated, so when they finally graduate, they’re more prepared to handle what life can deal them. We encourage you to get financially educated about the safe alternatives outside of Wall Street for your future retirement. This week’s Expert Report highlights the importance of receiving such a financial education. 

A recent retirement literacy survey found an educational disconnect between investors who have an advisor and those that do not. The survey asked three questions about safe alternatives outside of Wall Street’s risky business. Less than 1% of the respondents answered all three questions correctly. More than 75% answered all three questions incorrectly. The surveyors also found over 50% of participants were less comfortable assuming risk in their portfolio during retirement years, but only 19% were interested in guaranteed income throughout their retirement. Researchers concluded that the majority of those surveyed were not properly educated by the advisor or their firms, and wrongfully believed that the relationship between guaranteed income and reduced risk were mutually exclusive. 

It’s never too late to receive your financial education, and by meeting with a licensed retirement phase expert, investors can access an exclusive proprietary financial study guide and learn how to protect your retirement savings with safe alternatives outside of Wall Street’s Risky Business.”

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