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Expert Report: Depression Proof Investments

Expert Report: Depression Proof Investments

When The Great Depression struck there were investments from only one industry that didn’t lose a penny, and were still liquid for the investor despite the economic chaos. In his weekly expert report, heard on Tuesdays during The Nick Kayal Show and Thursdays during The Rich Zeoli Show on TalkRadio 1210 WPHT, Crash Proof Retirement® System Founder Phil Cannella explains how those investments are still so valuable today and why you haven’t heard of them despite their proven track record:

Report Transcription

As you near the end of your working career you need a strategy that hits a home run for your retirement, but many investors foolishly try to time the market expecting a changeup – but then swing and miss the fastball Wall Street throws them.

“This week’s expert report highlights how retirees can confidently hit it out of the park by amplifying a legendary baseball player’s investments which protected him during The Great Depression.

Babe Ruth is a legend in the baseball world, but his investments deserve more praise. Babe invested most of his career earnings in safe alternatives to Wall Street within the insurance industry, which protected his nest egg while millions of Americans lost EVERYTHING during that Great Depression.

In fact Babe had access to his money and continued to receive his annual payments from his investments we coined as Crash Proof Retirement Investment Accounts, but many investors are unaware of these vehicles that Babe utilized to protect his nest egg because they are suppressed by mainstream media and the financial industry to promote high risk securities with ongoing fees.

Today investors will spend an average of only 18 years in retirement and nearly half of American households are at risk of outliving their retirement savings, and that’s according to The National Retirement Risk Index.

So if you’re in and near retirement, meeting with a licensed retirement phase expert can ensure you’ll knock market volatility out of the park, never outlive your assets and achieve peace of mind in your Hall of Fame years.”

To hear more stories that will impact your financial future join Phil Cannella and Joann Small, this Saturday at 11 AM on The Crash Proof Retirement Show, heard on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT in Philadelphia, and online from anywhere in the world, at https://crashproofretirement.com/radio-show/.

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