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Rate Hikes & Cut Trillions in Bonds

Rate Hikes & Cut Trillions in Bonds


The most recent minutes from the last Federal Reserve Policy Board meeting in March showed a couple of interesting things. Most notably: The Fed wants to increase the pace of increasing interest rates, and they want to cut $4.5 trillion dollars in bonds from its balance sheet beginning this year. The FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) convened their last meeting in March at which time they voted to raise interest rates by another quarter percent, to a benchmark target between .07%-1%.  Experts say that altering the Fed’s balance sheet by shedding trillions of dollars in bonds is news-worthy because of its amount and concerns over the ripple effect it could have on the stock markets.  Fed members including Chair Janet Yellen have said that this move, in and of itself would lead to another rate hike, possibly in June.

Get further explanation and details on the minutes from the Fed’s March meeting CNBC’s Steve Liesman below.

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