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Crash Proof Retirement to Screen “The Baby Boomer Dilemma”

Crash Proof Retirement to Screen The Baby Boomer Dilemma

Crash Proof Retirement to Screen “The Baby Boomer Dilemma”

Crash Proof Retirement has been hosting educational events for retirees around the country for years. The ultimate goal of these events has always been to educate consumers about the dangers of securities-based investments and show retirees that there is a safer way to invest. Our Proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System has been proven for two decades and experts are finally sharing the good news about these vehicles. 

Award-winning director Doug Orchard’s documentary film “The Baby Boomer Dilemma: An Exposé on America’s Retirement Experiment” follows a fictional couple from Florida who are given the choice between a lump sum retirement plan and a guaranteed income stream. They chose the lump sum, which was a traditional 401(k), and contrary to their belief, put their nest egg at risk on Wall Street. They had to find out the hard way that because their money was at risk on Wall Street, their 401(k) lacked the guaranteed income capabilities they needed to maintain their lifestyle as they entered retirement. 

As the army of top-level experts in the film explains, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and 401(k)s all fall into the same category – “one big lump sum of money,” otherwise known as risk investments, and you cannot have a safe, secure, and guaranteed retirement future made up of a lump sum of risk investments. 

At Crash Proof Retirement, we believe that the panel of world-renowned elite economists featured in the documentary make this the most important movie you’ll see in retirement, which is why we are hosting complimentary private screenings throughout the greater Philadelphia area. Seating is limited and registration is required, so visit our events page to reserve your seat and view a trailer of this eye-opening film. 

The Importance of Guaranteed Income in Retirement 

Although the couple in “The Baby Boomer Dilemma” is fictional, they face an issue that is all too common among those in or near retirement. In an effort to phase out pensions, which have become costly for businesses to provide, employers have offered their employees a choice. Keep their pension which provides guaranteed income in retirement, or opt for a 401(k) plan, which invests their money in risky stocks, bonds, and mutual funds that fluctuate with the markets and could leave them with nothing after a crash. It’s a tricky decision for the everyday retiree, but this film sheds light on the proven solution. 

In “The Baby Boomer Dilemma,” Orchard interviews a number of key experts including six Ph.D.s, two Nobel Prize winners, and government officials who detail the risks retirees are facing today, from unscrupulous Wall Street financial advisors to the ticking time bomb that is Social Security. These distinguished experts explain a way to eliminate these risks by using the same type of guaranteed income solutions that the Original Crash Proof Retirement System has been utilizing for decades. 

One of the top experts interviewed in the film, the late David Babbel, Ph.D., even co-authored a study on these guaranteed income solutions through the most prestigious business school in the world since it was established in 1881, the Wharton School of Business. Babbel, spent over a decade rigorously training to earn his Ph.D. and spent another 25 years as a professor and top economist at Wharton. 

Babbel’s two-year in-depth study titled: “Real World Index Annuity Returns,” included six of the brightest Ph.D. economists and two senior actuaries from Wharton who analyzed the real-world returns and benefits retirees can expect to see from Crash Proof®-type financial vehicles known as fixed index annuities (FIAs). 

Babbel is quoted in the conclusion of his team’s study saying, “Since their inception in 1995, FIAs have outperformed corporate and government bonds, equity mutual funds, and money markets in any combination, not just one year, but every year through the study’s completion (Which includes enduring the market crashes of 2001 and 2008).” 

Although this study was relatively unknown when it was published in 2009, the Crash Proof Retirement team immediately recognized its importance and began showing it to everyone who attended a Crash Proof Retirement educational event. In the film, Babbel even describes how he himself used these vehicles, in the same way Crash Proof Retirement does, to fund his own retirement. 

He invested in 14 FIAs of his own because of how important the FIAs that he researched are, and explains the benefits he experienced for himself by saying in the film, “If you’re a good manager of your money, you shouldn’t get one annuity – you should get several. You get enough to live off of to get your basic income and that’ll get you through maybe 70 to 75. Then when you start running short of money, you have these other annuities that are growing tax-deferred.” 

Babbel goes on to explain a strategy called staggered annuitization in which he activated only seven of his 14 annuities when he retired, while the other seven were there for him to be activated as a guaranteed income stream when needed. While those accounts weren’t activated, they accrued interest and provided market-like returns without market risk. 

He provides an example of how staggered annuitization works by saying, “When my wife says, ‘Dear we need some more money,’ I say, ‘I have got a deal for you.’ And I turn on one of the annuities and woah, it increases our income by 25 to 30 percent for the rest of our lives.” 

Both the late Babbel’s investments and the Exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System exist outside of the securities industry, so they are not subject to the same ups and downs as risky securities-based investments. Not only are they guaranteed not to lose a penny of principal during a stock market crash, but they also credit interest at rates similar to securities-based investments. Once that interest is credited, it can never be taken away and all future growth is calculated based on that new principal amount. Additionally, they’re equipped with features that allow you to draw tax-free income every year to ensure that you keep up with inflation without depleting your nest egg. 

You’ll be stunned to hear the similarities between Babbel’s investments and our proprietary system. Learn how to avoid the “The Baby Boomer Dilemma” that’s on the horizon by reserving your seat for a complimentary private screening, just follow this link to view future screening dates and locations. Seating is limited and registration is required. Our licensed independent educators are also happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have about how Crash Proof Retirement works, so call 1-800-722-9728 to schedule your free financial checkup today.

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