Crash Proof Retirement ®

Crash Proof Retirement ®

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There is a formula well known in investing, yet often given little heed to by financial advisors, that if followed would prevent a lot of misery to people in and approaching retirement when it comes to their nest eggs. The rule provides a guideline with regard to how much of one’s assets should be subject to risk and how much should be in more conservative accounts. This rule has everything to do with a crash proof retirement for it provides a good yardstick to follow.

The Rule of 100 applies to all age groups, but retirees should pay special heed to it. The basic formula is this: Take the number 100 and subtract your current age. The resulting number tells you the percent of risk you should be subjecting yourself to.

If you are 80 years old, then subtract 80 from 100 and you get 20. That tells you that no more than 20% of your assets should be in risk investments. If you are 70 years of age, then 100 minus 70 gives you 30 which means no more than 30% of your assets or wealth should be invested in risk. This rule is not one that has to be religiously followed. Some people’s personal situation dictates a smaller risk tolerance and others might allow for a greater risk tolerance.

Crash Proof Retirement ® System

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On the whole however, it is a good yardstick to follow in so far when considering a crash proof retirement. As you move into your retired years the smaller portion of your assets should be tied up in risk. This is the part of your life where the accumulation of wealth has come to an end as you got out of your working years. This is the time in your life when you need to consider protection of principal not so much as risky growth.

A Crash Proof Retirement ® considers numerous factors when working out how to safeguard a person’s assets against loss. One factor, albeit a major one is of course the stock market itself. A Crash Proof Retirement ® utilizes financial vehicles that are immune to market crashes or even market dips. These vehicles make gains when the market goes up yet stay level or put up a zero when the markets decline. That is what makes the financial vehicles “Crash Proof.”

Having said that, there are other factors that are part and parcel of the Crash Proof Retirement ® system that must be mentioned. For example, long term care is critical. While many people don’t want to spend the money on long term care insurance because they think they will never need it and that is understandable, the lack of such protection could be catastrophic to one’s nest egg. This is why a Crash Proof Retirement ® plan also looks at solutions to providing for long term care in one fashion or another so that one has that protection.

Yet another factor to consider is life insurance. If one for example is dealing with a married couple and one of the partners is the major breadwinner and something were to happen to him or her, without life insurance in place, the retirement dreams of the surviving spouse could be shot down in flames pretty fast.

This is what a Crash Proof Retirement ® is all about. Providing a means to protect the  assets and income of an individual or family so that one doesn’t just make it to retirement but makes it through retirement.

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