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Trump stock rally may be coming to an end according to experts

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Trump stock rally may be coming to an end according to experts


The post Donald Trump election bounce on the stock market may be starting the wane. The S&P 500 climbed to all-time highs on Monday, notching its first record close since August. The index is now up nearly 3% since Donald Trump’s election. The Dow also hit a new high, taking it over the 19,000 level, and the Nasdaq, which struggled initially after the election, has also risen to a new record high- its first since September. Now it appears that the market may be ready to take a breather in the coming days and weeks ahead.

According to Bespoke Investment Group analysts, who ran a health-check on these so-called “Trump trades.” positions linked to Trump’s surprise victory are starting to lose momentum. Click here to see how analysts are now seeing the current rally on Wall Street.

The experts at Bloomberg News have also been accessing the equities rally on Wall Street. Watch below.

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