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Audience Listens and Learns

Audience Listens and Learns

At Phil Cannella’s Crash Proof Retirement Presentation, consumers react.

Jan. ’12

“I thought Mr. Cannella is an energetic consumer advocate. I don’t know of anyone else who has such energy and enthusiasm to protect and inform and educate individuals. And I think that his program needs to be given to individuals when they start working and not when they’re on the verge of retirement.”

“I think mr. Cannella of course I’m biased
because I’m Italian from Italy and i
think is a wonderful individual and i
like the way he speaks the truth.”

“Mr. Phil Cannella I think is brilliant.
Nobody speaks as much
as he does but i mean he talks with a
lot of effort. And know-how.”

“I think he’s great I think
he’s very informative and I learned a
lot from the seminar.”

“I think he’s a wonderful person he’s very inspiring it really gets everybody enthused with making changes and what they’re doing or not doing for retirement that’s what that’s the biggest problem I think is what we’re not doing.”

“I think Mr. Cannella is a very excellent teacher to make you understand about stocks and bonds and all the things that you never even could imagine where you were losing money from I just think he is just the best thing since sugar.”

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