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Protect Your Retirement Savings

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Protect Your Retirement Savings

Phil Cannella, the founder and Creator of the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System has spent most of his career being a consumer advocate by educating everyday Americans about retirement options that protect retirement savings from the risk, fees and corruption of Wall Street and the securities industry.  It is Phil Cannella’s professional estimation that people in or near retired years don’t want to take chances with market volatility, but instead want stability, guarantees and peace of mind. That is why Crash Proof Retirement’s Phil Cannella and CEO Joann Small say the choice is simple—avoid risk investments and the industry that houses them in your retirement years.

The Crash Proof Retirement System does not utilize securities. In fact, the proprietary Crash Proof Retirement system utilizes, among other things, investment vehicles that are found within the Insurance Investment industry (often referred to as the “brick house” industry by Phil Cannella.)  The reason is that in nearly 300 years, insurance companies have withstood financial calamities from the American Revolution to the Great Depression and most recently, the Great Recession.  This is because insurance companies cannot go into bankruptcy.  Instead they go into “receivership” which is a condition within the insurance industry that allows life insurance institutions to enter into an agreement where if one institution were unable to continue its business, the remaining organizations work together to assume the liabilities and responsibilities of the affected company.  Phil Cannellla says that because of the strength of the insurance industry “there is no better place to start your retirement future than in the brickhouse/insurance industry.”

Phil Cannella’s Crash Proof Retirement System has helped Crash Proof the retirement savings of over 5,000 people whose retirement futures are now safe. One of those Crash Proof consumers is Al Butikis – a retired welder- who after losing much of his savings in traditional investments, decided to Crash Proof his retirement. Al sought a better option. He loved the idea of having his principal 100% protected, but left open the possibility of making double digit gains that was credited as interest. All of it without worrying about the volatility on Wall Street.   After learning more at a Crash Proof educational event, Al decided for himself to get a “one-on-one education” at Crash Proof Retirement. Al became Crash Proof in 2007—just before the great recession, and never worried about his money during the crash.  He still doesn’t worry about his life savings because he knows his nest-egg is safe and secure in the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System. Today Al enjoys peace of mind, and in his words:

“Phil Cannella and Joann Small are like a godsend. I don’t think you can match this anywhere else. My wife and I are grateful for the opportunity to get into some of these investment vehicles and get decent returns on our money. We’re happy and looking forward to the future.”

These are words you cannot make up and these feelings are echoed by the over 5,000 Crash Proof consumers who learned that there is a true, guaranteed alternative to the risk, fees and corruption of the securities industry.


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