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Managing Liquidity with the Crash Proof Retirement System

Managing Liquidity with the Crash Proof Retirement System

Managing Liquidity with the Crash Proof Retirement System

The Exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System is comprised of little-known Crash Proof Retirement Vehicles that are interest bearing accounts. The great thing about this class of investments is that they’re safe, and free of fees, however many investors are unaware of these safe alternatives to Wall Street, and certainly unaware of how they work.

That’s why Phillip Cannella and Joann Small travel the country educating consumers on what interest-bearing fixed assets actually are, how they work, as well as their pros and cons.

The difference between Phil Cannella and Joann Small’s use of fixed assets is the way they orchestrate these interest-bearing accounts, and the way they manage the one perceived “downside” to these investment accounts. Phillip Cannella provides this example:

“Any interest crediting asset never charges you a cost or a fee, like a CD, Treasury Note, or E Bond. In place of the cost or fee, there’s a timeframe. So these institutions are not going to charge you. A hundred percent of your money works for you a hundred percent of time. They want to work with that money, with no principal risk. Now what’s the timeframe? It’s typically 10 years. What does that mean to you? It means that during the 10 years, there’s a cap on the penalty-free access you have to the full contract value. However, once the ten years have passed, you have one hundred percent access to the full contract value.  

So how does Crash Proof Retirement manage this perceived “downside”? Quite simple. For example, a client comes in with $1 million, first thing we say is that we’ll leave 25% outside your customized System. We’re going to manage the liquidity here. We’re going to leave $250,000 outside and I will recommend a credit union or nonprofit bank for you to put it. When you’re a member, the profits come back to you in the form of higher interest rates.

Crash Proof Retirement takes the remaining portion, the $750,000, and develops a System for you with that money. So we harvest a yield through your System, yet you have $250,000 to go through. Let’s say you go through $100,000 in five years. It’s travel money, cruise money, whatever you want to do with that money. You’re not going to save that $250,000, you’re are living in retired years. Spend it. Let’s say you spent $100,000 – $150,000 over five years and it gets down to a $100,000. Well, your Crash Proof Retirement System that’s been farming your yields with no fees, and no principal risk has averaged growth of about 5%. Now our average client is around 7% but let’s say 5%. Do the math. What is 5% of $750,000 with no losses, no fees, and never backing up over a 10-year period? Just do the compounding. It’s going to be well over $250,000. It’s going to be well over $150,000 over five years. So as you’re spending one account, you’re growing another. 

What if you need income? We have one component paying income and you still have all these other components growing that money back. To fully understand our Crash Proof Retirement System, you really have to come through and see how it works, but no matter what, we will give you a blueprint of that System, and make sure you understand how it actually works.”

See how Phillip Cannella and Joann Small can tailor a Crash Proof Retirement System to your specific needs. Call 800-722-9728 or visit https://www.crashproofretirement.com today.

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