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It’s Good to be Crash Proof®

its good to be crash proof

It’s Good to be Crash Proof®

– Joseph & Susan Verna, Ridley Park, Pennsylvania

In the last twenty years, investors have experienced three stock market crashes. The dotcom technology bubble burst in the early 2000s, the housing bubble crashed the stock market in 2008 causing a global recession, and once again in 2020 because of the coronavirus. Crash Proof Retirement Founder Phillip J. Cannella III along with CEO Joann Small, have been at the forefront of protecting individuals from the dangers of the stock market and the financial ruin that it has caused in previous crashes. After losing 40% of their assets in the 2008 crash, Joseph and Susan Verna of Ridley Park, Pennsylvania needed an investment program that would protect their remaining assets from the uncertainty and risk of the market. In 2012, the Vernas found Crash Proof Retirement and in the 9 years since becoming Crash Proof Consumers, they could not be happier with their decision to Crash Proof Their Retirement™.

Joseph and Susan are both semi-retired, but say that Crash Proof Retirement has allowed them to continue working part-time jobs for the fun of staying active and involved without having to worry about their finances. “I’m working in a school district,” said Joseph. “My wife is working in pediatrics taking care of children, so it’s allowed us to do things we want to do.” Susan retired in 2020 during the year of the pandemic and stated that Crash Proof Retirement “definitely gives us some peace of mind knowing that we can semi-retire and not have to worry about our money and where it’s going.” During summer, the Vernas enjoy their Crash Proof peace of mind by taking their grandchildren to Sea Isle where they can relax without worrying about the security of their retirement investments.

“Our summers are a lot of fun down the shore,” Susan expressed. “This summer being the summer of the pandemic, we went down and it was just like any other normal summer. Our activities were a little bit different, but we never have to worry about what is going on with our retirement. We know that it’s safe, it’s secure, and almost always it is actually making money for us so we can enjoy our summer place.” After 9 years with Crash Proof Retirement, the Vernas feel safe and confident, according to Joseph, that if the economy were to tank again that they will stay protected. “Because of Crash Proof Retirement, when the pandemic hit in March we weren’t worried at all, we just felt like, you know, we’d be okay — we certainly wouldn’t lose anything,” Susan explained. Despite the crashing stock market and stalling economy, Susan recalled that they had a very good year. “Even though the pandemic hit, we did actually make money, so we’re very comfortable and very happy with our decision to go with Crash Proof Retirement.”

Not only did the pandemic hurt the stock market, but it also sent interest rates into a downward spiral. Although this has had detrimental effects on banks, certificates of deposits, and bonds, the Vernas remain confident after they experienced the protection of the Crash Proof Retirement System. “With Crash Proof Retirement the money that we’ve made, that we’ve accumulated to this point is ours, it cannot be taken away,” Joseph stated. “It can’t be lost in any way by the banks, the stock market, the government — it’s our money, it’ll continue to make money, and we’re very satisfied with what we have.” The Vernas also have access to their money should they need it for any reason with the Crash Proof Retirement System. “If and when we want to get it, there are no additional fees to be paid; in fact, there are no fees since we came in with the program,” Joseph indicated. Susan added, “We just know that through anything that happens we will not lose any of our retirement money.”

When the Vernas were coming through the Crash Proof Retirement educational process, they were skeptical about whether it was possible to protect their retirement savings. “The educators made me feel comfortable, because again they were talking on my level, they explained things slowly. They talked about the market, what was going on presently, what they anticipated in the future and I just felt at that time — I felt relaxed,” Joseph remembered. “There was no push, I didn’t feel like a high-pressure salesman was sitting in front of me, I felt like I was talking to somebody who had my interest and I felt good about it.” Joseph added that while attending the initial educational events, Phil and Joann, “Couldn’t have explained things better than they did.” In the 9 years that the Vernas have been Crash Proof Consumers, they feel as if they have developed a strong relationship with the Independent Educators and Staff and trust the Crash Proof Retirement Team.

“We have access to our educator by phone, by mail, we can come in and talk to him at any time and having that available to us I think is a big plus,” Joseph mentioned. One of the reasons why the Vernas have a high level of confidence in the Crash Proof Retirement Team is that they are constantly presenting new strategies to meet the Verna’s financial needs. “The Crash Proof consumer advocates are constantly working on new programs to upgrade to better facilitate my program and they’ve done that in the past and this is why we did upgrade in 2019.” Just as important for the Vernas is that they do not have to pay a fee to sit or communicate with their educator at any time, which is uncommon in the financial industry.

“I go to bed at night knowing that I’m making money — when we had it in the stock market I would have to check the stock market every day.” The peace of mind that the Vernas have with the Crash Proof Retirement System stems from the protection and success of their specially tailored system, but also from knowing that they are protected by one of the most stable industries in the world — the insurance industry. “The history of the insurance industry that we’re very aware of is that it’s stable, it can’t go under like the banks, it won’t go down like the stock market,” Joseph described. “They’re more stable than a local bank would be or even [watching] the stock market every day.”

Joseph and Susan Verna originally came to Crash Proof Retirement because they needed a place to protect their assets after losing nearly half of their investments during the 2008 market collapse. After listening to advisors trying to sell them similar products that put their investments at risk in 2008, the Vernas found Crash Proof Retirement in 2012 and have been secure ever since. “I think the main benefit that I’ve gotten from Crash Proof is we are getting a return [and] our money is protected unlike what happened in 2008 — I’d recommend it to anybody.” On top of earning money with the Crash Proof Retirement System, Joseph exclaimed that some of their accounts have shown double-digit returns on their investments despite volatility of the market during their 9 years with Crash Proof. Ultimately, the Vernas are confident and looking forward to protecting their retirement savings for many years to come with the Exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System.

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