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It’s Good to be Crash Proof®

Louis Marinucci

It’s Good to be Crash Proof®

Louis Marinucci, Langhorne, Pennsylvania

In the last twenty years, investors have experienced three stock market crashes. The dotcom technology bubble burst in the early 2000s, the housing bubble crashed the stock market in 2008 causing a global recession, and once again in 2020 because of the coronavirus. Crash Proof Retirement Founder Phillip J. Cannella III along with CEO Joann Small have been at the forefront of protecting individuals from the dangers of the stock market and the financial ruin that it has caused in previous crashes. Louis Marinucci of Langhorne, Pennsylvania is one of the over 5,000 protected consumers who has enjoyed the financial peace of mind of the Crash Proof Retirement System after experiencing loss and volatility with mutual funds during his working career.

Marinucci, a retired Air Force Veteran, became Crash Proof in 2010 after losing a large portion of his retirement savings in mutual funds when the market crashed in 2008. “I was up quite a bit, didn’t sell it, you know, and lost that money when the market dipped,” Marinucci recalled. “At this point, since my wife had passed, I wanted to preserve what I had.” Not only did Marinucci lose money when the market collapsed, but his funds were withering from broker fees that, he said, many investors are not aware of. “Crash Proof gave me an education on the concept of the mutual funds and the fees and stuff which I really didn’t understand to the point, had I read the prospectus,” Marinucci stated. The prospectus is a mandatory investment document that highlights the details of the offering for an investor; these details include any fees and charges expected to be incurred from the investment opportunity. “Some people think that they made 10% or 15% in mutual funds, but that’s before all the fees are confiscated out,” Marinucci highlighted. “With Crash Proof Retirement I don’t have a fee structure that I have to worry about like you have to worry about with brokers or with stocks and bonds.”

Growing tired of watching his money dissipate at the hands of the market, Marinucci needed a safer alternative for his retirement savings. “I wanted to get away from that and so Crash Proof gave me vehicles and opportunity to have a consistent prospective possibility of growth with no downside,” said Marinucci. “The average growth has been 5.76%, it’s been much higher in some years, there was a year or two where I didn’t make anything as far as making additional money, but I didn’t lose any principal. That was preserved no matter what happened to the market, so I’ll take that all day long.” In the 11 years that Marinucci has been a Crash Proof Consumer, his returns have increased his retirement nest egg steadily, while outpacing inflation year-over-year. “It’s too bad [Crash Proof Retirement] wasn’t around much earlier, because I probably would [have] been in it earlier.” Although Marinucci cannot turn back time, he believed that it was better to be late in joining the Crash Proof Retirement System than never protecting his funds at all.

Compared to his mutual fund investments, Marinucci was thrilled about the performance of his Crash Proof Vehicles™ and the fact that his principal would never be at risk. “I am far better off with my portfolio with Crash Proof than I was in the market,” Marinucci explained. “I have a few things in the market, but I’ve done so much better over these 11 years with the Crash Proof Vehicles”. Ultimately, Marinucci wants his Crash Proof Retirement System to be split amongst his daughters when the time comes because he believes that the legacy he leaves behind for them will be best managed by the licensed educators at Crash Proof Retirement. “I think Crash Proof has been very, very honest and you know not everybody is that way,” Marinucci described. Part of the reason why Marinucci is so confident in the Crash Proof Retirement System is the no-cost, no pressure annual services offered to Crash Proof Consumers. “I have a yearly meeting to talk about my contracts, to make changes, and I have made some changes which have benefited — last year I made changes which have benefited me and this year I’m making more changes which will definitely benefit me but there’s no cost to me,” Marinucci expressed. “They do it as a fiduciary and as a service and people should take advantage of it.”

The no-cost annual review service is offered to all Crash Proof Consumers multiple times throughout the year corresponding with the anniversary dates of client’s contracts. During these engagements, Marinucci illustrated that he works with his educator to update his system to not only maintain protection but to boost performance of his investments. “The guidance is very based on do no harm as a fiduciary and [the] system allows me a lot of flexibility through many different things that I can do.” For this reason, Marinucci believes that more investors should involve themselves with Crash Proof Retirement. “There’s a lot of stress when you worry about money and a lot of people don’t realize how bad it is because you take it as a normal thing,” Marinucci indicated. Despite the increased levels of monetary stress in the world, Marinucci stated that he was not stressed and did not even flinch when the market crashed in 2020 during the early stages of the COVID pandemic.

“When COVID shut down I didn’t even think, I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t have a worry in the world,” Marinucci said confidently. “What I have in Crash Proof I knew that I wasn’t going to be affected one iota with the market’s fluctuation.” The reason why Marinucci knew that his funds were safe and secure was thanks in part to the education he received during the early stages of becoming a Crash Proof Consumer. Unlike high-risk securities, Marinucci understood that his Crash Proof Vehicles™ were based in the financial life insurance industry which is one of, if not the safest financial industry to house investments. “These big insurance companies have to maintain a certain amount of money to cover any payouts that they have, and it’s generally over 100%,” Marinucci emphasized. “If insurance companies have a problem, they’re basically co-insured by other insurance companies so the end user — the person who has a policy with them — doesn’t lose their money.” On top of the security of the industry, Crash Proof Retirement does not take any of the investor’s principal as payment or commission which means that the investor’s money is constantly working for them and protected.

Marinucci was attracted by this concept as he was going through the process of becoming a Crash Proof Consumer and loved that the interest earned would be added to his principal each year in what is known as compound interest. Einstein once stated that compound interest was one of the most powerful things in the world and Marinucci agreed. “The money that you make with Crash Proof Retirement may start with $100,000 dollars and if you make $10,000 or $15,000 dollars that’s added to your $100,000 dollars. So the next year your contracts are not based on $100,000, but $115,000 — whatever is added to that each year becomes your new point of entry.” The concept of compound interest is paramount for Crash Proof Consumers who wish to supplement their retirement income while continuing to grow their nest egg.

“For a lot of people, Crash Proof has given them the peace of mind to know that they have protected money that will generate an ongoing income for them and still make money,” Marinucci expounded. “It gives them a vehicle to be able to have an income beyond Social Security and other things that they have — I’ve done a couple hundred thousand dollars on my initial investment which has been great, I haven’t done that in the market.” Although Marinucci does not intend to turn on his income streams from his Crash Proof Vehicles™, he knows that he has unfettered access to his investments should the need arise. “If I need [income], it’s there and I could pull a significant amount of money from Crash Proof and not really touch the principal. It’s a peace of mind for a lot of people that they don’t get in normal investing.” Unlike investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, Crash Proof Consumers do not have to worry about having their accounts restricted in any way.

Louis Marinucci has no regrets about his decision to become a Crash Proof Consumer 11 years ago in 2010. He utilizes his system to leave a legacy for his three daughters and has enjoyed significant returns over the course of his time at Crash Proof Retirement. While Marinucci loves the Crash Proof Retirement System, he does wish that he found it sooner and encourages younger investors to consider these principal protecting vehicles sooner rather than later. “When you’re younger, you can take more chances because your recovery time is better; that doesn’t mean you should be losing money when you’re young,” Marinucci argued. Had he entered the Crash Proof Retirement System five years earlier, Marinucci said that he would have avoided losing significant amounts of his mutual fund investments in 2008 and stated that people in their 40s and 50s can experience these types of losses too, unless they protect what they have accrued to that point in their working careers. “I’ve been in the market [and] I’ve lost money — I don’t like losing,” Marinucci concluded. “With Crash Proof Retirement I have a solid 5.76% return [and] I’ll take that any day.”

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