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Is a Crash Proof Retirement Real?

Is a Crash Proof Retirement Real?


Is there such a thing as a Crash Proof Retirement? Retirement Media’s Phil
Cannella travel to Valley Forge Military Academy and asked the everyday American that very question.

“Is there such a thing
as a Crash Proof Retirement?”

“That’s a good question.”
“No I don’t believe so.” “No I
don’t think they’re really is any
Crash Proof Retirement.”
“Yeah there’s not.
I don’t believe so.”

“I think I heard something about it but I didn’t
investigate it on the radio.”
“What is your definition of a Crash Proof Retirement?”

“Go through retired years, not just make it
to retired years. To have some guarantees
that my money that I’ve earned one
hundred percent will be my money and I
take it out of the account and not
corruptions not the economy or not a
tsunami hitting another country Crash Proof
Retirement means to me it’s the
recess time of my life.”

There is such a
thing as a Crash Proof Retirement and
here’s the proof.

“Congressman Fitzpatrick
are you aware that there’s 550
investment accounts that can crash proof
people’s accounts and outperform the
market with no market risk or fees?”

“Yes. You know, you talk every week with your clients about how to crash proof
their retirement we need to make sure
we’ve got enough for our retirement to
live safely and securely and comfortably.”

“Congressman Joe Sestak there are
Crash Proof vehicles that have gone
through the last two major market
crashes. Congressman are you aware of the
vehicles I’m referring to?”

“I do know the
vehicle you’re referring to as people
get more senior they should be putting
money into those vehicles that are at
less risk or if you find one as you’ve
talked about one that’s at no risk.”

Phil Cannella travelled to Valley Forge Military Academy to ask local people if a retirement could truly be Crash Proof™. They didn’t believe it was really possible! But Phil Cannella knows, and Congressmen Mike Fitzpatrick and Joe Sestak agree, that there is a way to make your retirement Crash Proof™.

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