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How Does the Crash Proof Retirement System Work?

How Does the Crash Proof Retirement System Work?

Ever since Phil Cannella developed the Crash Proof Retirement System in response to the 2001 stock market crash, he has had his fair share of detractors. Those who make a living by selling risky, securities-based investments have a hard time believing that consumers can achieve risk-free growth in their retirement accounts. Furthermore, they have been quick to cast a bad light on investment vehicles that are free from the up-front and ongoing fees they depend on to keep their wallets fat. At Crash Proof Retirement, we know these beliefs are unfounded and we are always happy to be transparent about the revolutionary financial investments that make the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System work.

If you think that the Crash Proof Retirement System is too good to be true, we encourage you to read on and find out more about the types of vehicles that have helped our clients and how they work together to create a Crash Proof Retirement free from market risk and financial advisor fees.

What are Crash Proof® Vehicles?

Simply put, the original Crash Proof Retirement System utilizes investments that exist outside the securities industry. Securities-based investments like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are inextricably tied to stock market performance, rising and falling based on current economic conditions. When the markets are up, a risky investment strategy can work well for investors, but only if they have enough time before retirement to rebuild their nest egg should they lose it. When markets are down, it is a completely different story – as millions of investors found out in 2008 and 2020. When the markets crashed in those years, investors lost billions of dollars in value from their portfolios in a short period of time. For the people who were planning to retire those years, it was an unmitigated disaster. They were forced to drastically alter their plans, putting off retirement until a later date or simply accepting a lower standard of living in retirement.

Because Crash Proof® Vehicles are based in the financial life insurance industry, rather than in the securities industry, they are not tied to stock market performance in the same way as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. When the stock market drops, Crash Proof® Vehicles do not drop along with it. Your principal investment will be protected, as well as any credited interest you have received over years. In addition, because they do not need active management like mutual funds, target-date funds, and other popular securities-based investment vehicles, they are subject to no fees, whether up-front or ongoing.

Features of the Crash Proof Retirement System

The Crash Proof® Vehicles used in the proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System are characterized by specific features that make them uniquely suitable for investors who are in or near retirement. We select each vehicle based on the specific needs of each consumer and combine it with other vehicles that are tailored to provide a steady stream of income throughout your retirement years. These are some of the main features we look for when selecting vehicles for an individual consumers Crash Proof Retirement System:

  • Principal Protection – Every Crash Proof® Vehicle has one feature in common: they are all guaranteed to prevent you from losing your principal investment during a stock market crash or drop of any kind.
  • Market-Like Returns – Crash Proof® Consumers average returns of 4-6% annually, and the Crash Proof Retirement System provides the potential to achieve double-digit returns in any given year. By utilizing multiple vehicles, the Crash Proof Retirement System can even credit interest at times when year-on-year stock market performance is down. Interest is credited periodically, and once it is credited, it is included in your principal and cannot be taken away.
  • Income Security for Your Whole Retirement – The Crash Proof Retirement System is designed in such a way that it can provide income through all your retirement years. One Crash Proof® Vehicle can provide income while the others grow, so your nest egg is never depleted. They also allow you to beat inflation with a proprietary feature we call an inflation fighter that allows you to increase your income by up to 15% per year if necessary.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the economy both in the U.S. and globally, it makes sense for investors to seek out safer alternatives to Wall Street, especially when they are in or near retirement. More than 5,000 consumers have already proven that the Crash Proof Retirement System works, and you can be one of them. If you want to find out more about safe investments based in the insurance industry, call 1-800-722-9728 to get educated about retirement planning in Montgomery County, PA and in other communities throughout the country.

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