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Crash Proof Retirement’s Improved Consumer Protection Policies

Crash Proof Retirement’s Improved Consumer Protection Policies

Crash Proof Retirement’s Improved Consumer Protection Policies

Crash Proof Retirement has always been focused on protecting consumers since our inception. Back then, we accomplished that mission by warning consumers about the risks, fees, and unethical practices of the Wall Street securities industry and by educating them about safe investments designed to give them guaranteed income in retirement.

Of course, we are always looking to raise the bar, and our team has been working tirelessly to create new ways to protect every consumer that comes through our doors. After the stock market crash of 2001, we revolutionized the retirement planning industry with the Crash Proof Retirement System, implementing consumer protection policies that can’t be found in any Wall Street firm. Now we are once again raising the standard of fiduciary responsibility for financial professionals across the board.

Over the past few months, Crash Proof Retirement Founder Phil Cannella has been working closely with Crash Proof Retirement CEO Joann Small to find new ways to ensure all Crash Proof consumers fully understand their investments and is receiving full transparency from our entire team.

Here is an overview of all the ways Crash Proof Retirement is taking consumer protection to the next level:

All Consumer Meetings are Recorded and Archived

When you speak to any of Crash Proof Retirement’s licensed consumer advocates, all your meetings will be recorded, video and audio, and stored in our archives. As licensed professionals held to a strict fiduciary responsibility, every statement or guarantee made on camera by Crash Proof Retirement is not only verifiable, but also legally binding. That’s something your average financial advisor would never do because it would expose them to risks they aren’t willing to take. Compelled by transparency, they would inevitably reveal that Wall Street’s offerings often favor the advisor more than the investor, because of the concealed fees and market-related risks. They may even be at risk of lawsuits, or of losing their licenses if they record their dishonest interactions with clients.

That’s why video and audio recordings of every client meeting have now become a cornerstone of the Crash Proof Retirement process. Every licensed professional on our team knows that their words must be accurate, or they could face having their license revoked.

Phil Cannella described it this way at a recent Crash Proof Retirement educational event:

“We are now putting in and building a consumer protection platform that includes, but is not limited to, cameras in client rooms. We record all meetings that take place with any consumer that comes through our financial firm, and we keep these recordings; we archive them forever! And we use them as proof of our accuracy and transparency, and to fulfill the highest level of a fiduciary duty.”

Patti Pierantozzi, a Crash Proof Consumer since 2014, was happy to express her appreciation for our upgraded consumer protection policies.

“At Crash Proof, all of the meetings that we have are recorded. It’s very comforting to know that they have nothing to hide. They’re doing this to protect you, because they want you to know what they say, they mean,” said Patti.

Existing Consumer Protection Measures

Although our recorded meetings are a relatively new addition to our consumer protection platform, our team’s dedication to keeping consumers safe has been evident from day one. When Phil Cannella founded the company, he put together a salaried design team. Because these professionals are not paid by commission, you can be certain that there are no conflicts of interest, and that the person designing your Crash Proof Retirement System is not motivated to choose the financial vehicles that will get them the biggest paycheck. Next, he outlined a 3-step educational process, including homework for our consumers to ensure they are making informed decisions about their retirement investments. Finally, he implemented a salaried consumer protection team to check up on our independent retirement educators and verify that they are teaching consumers about their finances, rather than trying to sell specific vehicles..

Protecting Yourself and Your Financial Future

If you are tired of the deception and manipulation employed by financial advisors who work with securities, it’s time to find a new way to plan for your retirement. Crash Proof Retirement offers a different way to plan for your future, one that is totally transparent and comes with no risk or fees attached. The Crash Proof Vehicles we utilize are guaranteed to protect your principal investment, even if the stock market crashes, and they also credit interest at rates similar to those risky securities-based investments. Once that interest is credited, it becomes part of your principal and can never be lost.

To find out more about how Crash Proof Retirement and our unique consumer protection platform can keep you safe, call 1-800-722-9728 to schedule your financial checkup and start your three step educational process at our King of Prussia, PA headquarters.  There is never a cost, nor obligation for any services provided by our firm.  Begin your education and meet our consumer advocacy team so that you can make an informed decision about your retirement nest egg.

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