Crash Proof Retirement Testimonial - Gayle and Mike Copsky
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Crash Proof Retirement Testimonial: Gayle and Mike Copsky

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Crash Proof Retirement Testimonial: Gayle and Mike Copsky

Crash Proof Retirement Consumers

Gayle and Mike Copsky - Crash Proof Retirement consumers

Gayle and Mike Copsky – Crash Proof Retirement consumers

The Crash Proof Retirement System, created by Phil Cannella, has helped thousands of people to secure their retirement futures. Today, we focus the Crash Proof Retirement spotlight on Gayle and Mike Copsky of Woodstown, NJ.
Earlier this year, Gayle and Mike Copsky attended a Crash Proof Retirement Educational Event in search of protection and safety from stock market volatility. Over their 40-year careers—Mike as a contractor, Gayle as a Chief Operating Officer for a regional optical firm—the Copskys experienced plenty of ups and downs on the market. But 2013 was a particularly fruitful year, and the Copskys knew it was time to get out and safeguard their gains.

“Both of us worked hard for years and years, amassing money,” Gayle explained. “I really felt sick and tired of being jerked around by the market. Everyone says to stay in the market for the long term. You’ve got to take it out sometime… when are you supposed to take it out?”

The Crash Proof Retirement System educational process was able to answer that question for the Copskys. Joann Small, CEO of First Senior Financial Group, and her design team helped Mike and Gayle to understand each of their investment vehicles in simple terms. Most importantly, the Copskys came away with the understanding that every penny of their principal would be guaranteed, regardless of market fluctuation.

“I was retirement illiterate,” Mike Copsky admitted. “It wasn’t until I started to listen to Phil Cannella and [The Crash Proof Retirement Show] that it started to come together. I liked the idea of Crash Proof Retirement, keeping what you earned. I was surprised at the upside potential—that part was kind of fun.”

That upside potential is the secret to the Crash Proof Retirement System. You’re protected from the downside of stock market pullbacks, correction and crashes—but that doesn’t mean you can’t join in the fun of the market increases. A Crash Proof Retirement promises protection with potential for growth. What more could an investor ask for?

“With Crash Proof Retirement, we knew we couldn’t lose anything,” said Gayle. “It didn’t matter what the market was doing—we relaxed, we planned out vacations and focused on how much fun Hawaii would be!”

Which retirement scenario sounds better? Following the inevitable ups and downs of the stock market, or sunny beaches and a beautiful home? For Mike and Gayle Copsky, the choice was easy.

“We’ve had a very good year of sleep,” Gayle laughed, “while our money is accumulating. We’re looking forward to many more years of financial freedom.”

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