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Crash Proof Retirement Shows Premieres on WFLA in Tampa Bay, FL

Crash Proof Retirement Shows Premieres on WFLA in Tampa Bay, FL

The Founder of Crash Proof Retirement Phil Cannella, CEO Joann Small, and the entire Crash Proof Retirement Team were thrilled to debut the one and only Crash Proof Retirement Show on NewsRadio WFLA in Tampa Bay, Florida on Saturday, September 11th, 2021. Retirement Phase Experts Phil Cannella and Joann Small exposed listeners to accurate and unbiased retirement financial information while explaining how the Crash Proof Retirement System works and how it can protect retirees hard-earned nest eggs from market volatility and risk. As a leading voice for women in the retirement planning industry, Joann Small educated the audience about the top challenges that women are facing in retirement today. Listeners were also introduced to real Crash Proof Consumers who described their experiences working with the Crash Proof Retirement Team and how the Crash Proof Investment Vehicles have given them peace of mind in retirement. 

Saturday’s broadcast of the nationally syndicated Crash Proof Retirement Show was a resounding success for the Crash Proof Retirement Team, but it was far from their first outing on the radio. Cannella and Small have aired their expertise on Philadelphia-area radio stations, including Talk Radio 1210 WPHT and Legends 100.3 FM in Southeastern Florida for more than a decade as they have brought their message of safe, sensible retirement planning to thousands of listeners each week since the show’s inception in 2008. 

Phil Cannella began his research of the proprietary vehicles that make up the Crash Proof Retirement System in 2001, after the devastating dot-com stock market crash wiped out millions in retirement savings across the country. By carefully selecting investments based in the financial life insurance industry, Cannella was able to design a system that would allow consumers to credit interest, comparable to many securities-based investments, but (unlike high-risk stocks, bonds, and mutual funds) they were guaranteed to prevent investors from losing their principal during a stock market crash. In the coming weeks and months, Bay area listeners can expect to learn more about the differences between fixed assets—which protect investors’ principal—and risk assets—known as securities—on The Crash Proof Retirement Show.

As he perfected and expanded his proprietary system, Cannella added important consumer protections, including a salaried design team that researches and presents the Crash Proof Vehicles to consumers based on their financial needs. Rather than choosing the financial products that provide the highest commissions, the Crash Proof Retirement Team provides an education to the consumer and gives clients the ability to decide what is best for their individually tailored systems. By the time the 2008 stock market crash hit, Cannella and his Exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System had protected thousands of consumers from losing their retirement nest eggs and those numbers have continued to grow as more listeners tuned in to learn more about the revolutionary Crash Proof Retirement program.

Cannella and Small established Crash Proof Retirement as the leading consumer advocacy firm for investors in or near retirement and broadcast their message using a platform of truth and logic. These values are shared through in-person educational events, designed to educate consumers about the tools they need to make sound retirement decisions, and on the airwaves so listeners gain the necessary knowledge to challenge the status-quo of risky Wall Street investing. Today, Cannella, Small, and the entire Crash Proof Retirement Team have protected the retirement savings of more than 5,000 consumers around the country and are now looking to safeguard thousands more by bringing their wisdom, their truth, and their logic to the Tampa Bay region.

The Crash Proof Retirement Team is motivated to educate Americans about retirement financial news every Saturday at 11am on NewsRadio WFLA in Tampa Bay, FL. Going forward, new listeners can expect to hear—for the first time—accurate, unbiased journalism, about the latest financial news concerning the American retiree on the one and only Crash Proof Retirement Show. Additionally, radio show listeners will continue to hear real testimonials from Crash Proof Consumers who were given peace of mind in retirement by utilizing the Crash Proof Retirement System.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System, you can tune into The Crash Proof Retirement Show every Saturday at 11am on NewsRadio WFLA in Tampa Bay; Saturdays at 11am and Sundays at 1pm on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT in Philadelphia; and Sundays at 8am on Legends 100.3 FM in Philadelphia. You can also listen online if you live outside the broadcast areas of The Crash Proof Retirement Show. To find out more information about how the Crash Proof Retirement System can protect you, call 1-800-722-9728 or visit crashproofretirement.com to access a wealth of information and articles related to safe retirement planning, sign up for an upcoming Crash Proof Retirement Educational Event, or schedule an appointment to meet with a licensed educator via phone or easy-to-use video conferencing.

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