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Change Your Mind About Crash Proof Retirement

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Change Your Mind About Crash Proof Retirement

Joe Garvey, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Investors have grappled with volatile stock market conditions for the better part of two decades and millions of consumers watched as their retirement plans were jeopardized as a result. Crash Proof Retirement has helped thousands of consumers protect their funds from risky market fluctuations while eliminating costly fees that have burned retirement accounts at both ends. Crash Proof Consumer Joe Garvey, of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania felt the pain of losing a significant portion of his retirement nest egg when the market crashed in 2008, which motivated him to protect his investments with his very own Crash Proof Retirement System.

“The reason I came to Crash Proof is I was invested in the stock market for many, many years and I never really felt secure because it was going up and down every year, and then in 2008 it dropped like a rock,” Garvey recalled. “I thought I was going to lose all my savings and my investments.” Garvey no longer has to worry about the volatility of the market because the money in his retirement accounts with Crash Proof Retirement is protected. “I really feel secure and at my age right now I’m glad I did it three and a half years ago, and I’m going to stay with it till I retire completely,” Garvey stated. Although Garvey and his family were skeptical about utilizing the Crash Proof Retirement System when he first heard Founder Phil Cannella on the radio, Garvey felt that he made the best decision for his retirement and now refers family and friends to Crash Proof their Retirements. “My friends tell me that I made a bad decision when I first went into Crash Proof, but now they’re all changing their minds,” Garvey said delightedly.

While Garvey is proud of his decision to become Crash Proof in 2018, the year 2020 proved to him and his family why Crash Proof Retirement was the best decision to protect his retirement savings. “When that market tumbled all the way down in the beginning of the year of the pandemic, and the instability of what was going on in this country, I really felt that I had made the right decision,” Garvey described. “I’ve been averaging about 6% with the advice from my advisors at Crash Proof Retirement on how to manage what I already have in Crash Proof and make it pay more and more each year. I’m just so happy with it that I’m making money and I’m still secure in what I have.” Not only was Garvey protected during the market volatility and civil unrest that dominated the financial markets for the entirety of 2020, his investments continued to grow with no market risk or fees.

“I don’t have to pay any kind of expense or anything, and the service is great.” Garvey indicated. On top of not having to pay fees or be exposed to the risk of the stock market, the money that Garvey earns is entirely his. Furthermore, the money that is earned in his Crash Proof Retirement System adds to his principal investment and becomes his new balance each year. “One of the best features of Crash Proof is the interest that you make gets compounded every year, so you make money off the money you already made, and you never lose anything,” Garvey said. “It just continues to grow every year, whereas if you’re in the market and you have a bad year, it goes down, but it takes many years to come back up.” Another benefit Garvey listed about the Crash Proof Retirement System is that his investments are based in the financial life insurance industry, which is much more secure than the high-risk securities industry and has a safety net for consumers and policyholders.

The insurance industry is “not volatile like the stock market,” Garvey highlighted. He went on to explain the benefits of securing his investments with insurance vehicles for himself and his family. “If something happens to me, it’s an insurance policy that goes immediately to my beneficiaries, and if you’re in the market, you’re obviously going to have beneficiaries that are going to be paying taxes and settlement fees; you don’t have that with Crash Proof.” Garvey then explained the safety net of the financial life insurance industry and the protections that the insurance companies provide for him and his family, which guarantees that his retirement funds are safe. Unlike Wall Street, where stocks can be manipulated by hedge funds, Garvey is insured to never lose any of his principal investment and is in complete control of his retirement future. “There’s no one that’s manipulating my investments with Crash Proof because they are all insured.”

Furthermore, this level of assurance has given Garvey the ability to enjoy his retirement with peace of mind, thanks to his Exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System. “The other advantage I have is I enjoy going up the mountains. I have a cabin in the mountains; it’s my hideaway. I see the deer and the bear and I enjoy the mountains and walking and I just get up there on top of the mountain and think this is great, I’m really enjoying the rest of my life.” Garvey also enjoys traveling to the beach with his family and says that he doesn’t worry about finances anymore because he knows that through the protection of Crash Proof Retirement, his family and beneficiaries are secure.

Garvey concluded by stating that he never felt pressured by the Crash Proof Retirement Team or Independent Educators while coming through the educational process. “I waited a month and then I thought it all over and came back,” Garvey expressed while thinking about his decision to move ahead with Crash Proof Retirement in 2018. “I didn’t feel any kind of pressure that I would get from a standard life insurance salesman-type person.” Although Garvey did not feel pressure to join Crash Proof Retirement, he did feel pressure from outside advisors telling him not to invest. “I told my financial advisor that I was withdrawing my funds and going to Crash Proof Retirement. He acted like a typical big guy talking down to a little guy saying ‘you just try that and you’re going to commit financial suicide going with that program,’” Garvey recounted. Today, Garvey believes that Crash Proofing his Retirement was the best decision he ever made and that his former financial advisor couldn’t have been more wrong.

As a retiree and Crash Proof Consumer, Joe Garvey enjoys his golden years with peace of mind because his investments are secure and growing and allows him to focus on spending time with loved ones at his mountain cabin or at the beach. In the three years that Garvey has been with Crash Proof Retirement, he has averaged 6% returns on his investments, without the risk of the stock market or the burden of fees. “To me, Crash Proof means as a retired person that I’m secure, and I don’t have to worry about catastrophes or anything like that. That money is safe and it’s growing each year no matter what happens to the economy.”

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