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covid crash continues

The COVID Crash Continues Despite the Fed’s Best Efforts

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have been forced to shut their doors, lay off employees, and learn to cope with a lack of revenue.  As individual states have expanded and extended stay-at-home orders, the stock market has responded with signif...

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How to Check the Status of Your Stimulus Payment

With millions of businesses forced to close all across the country, America’s workers and retirees are depending on a little help to pay their bills.  In a bipartisan effort, Congress approved the CARES Act, a $2 trillion economic stimulus package that would authorize...

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Fed Cuts Rates by 50 Points to Address Coronavirus

As reports swirled of an exponential increase of coronavirus cases in the United States Tuesday morning, the Federal Reserve made a surprising announcement that they were cutting interest rates by 50 basis points. With the new cuts, the target rate now sits between 1%...

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Coronavirus Surpasses 82,000 Cases Worldwide

As the second month of the COVID-19 Coronavirus comes to an end, the global markets are feeling the effects. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost more than 2,000 points in value and is on the verge of entering correction territory. Cases of the Coronavirus have r...

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How Social Security Benefits are Changing in 2020

If you are currently collecting Social Security benefits, or you plan to start collecting in the near future, you should know that benefits and requirements usually change every year.  In 2020, the Social Security Administration has made a few adjustments to the progr...

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Why Everyone Should be Planning for an Early Retirement

When you think about retirement, do you have a specific age in mind?  While some of us would like to retire early, most of us are probably going to try to put it off as long as possible.  Waiting as long as you can to retire is often a smart move, as it allows you to ...

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Managing Retirement Spending

Retirement is meant to be enjoyed, but debt and expenses can make living comfortably difficult on a fixed income. One of the most beneficial financial decisions a senior can make is to manage their spending and have an in-depth understanding of where their money is go...

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Coronavirus Cools Off Investors – For the Moment

A positive turn for the market slightly reversed losses after the Dow Jones dropped nearly 500 points. Although the market remained relatively calm as the trial for President Trump’s impeachment began, the market started to slide as news of the Coronavirus spread fear...

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retirement phase expert

Wall Street Slashes Thousands of Jobs: What Does it Mean for the Future?

While the stock market continues to reach record highs, Wall Street firms and banks around the world have been quietly shedding jobs.  Over the summer, several well-known banks announced higher-than-average layoffs and that trend has continued into the end of 2019.  In August, HSBC cut more than 4,7...

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Managing Liquidity with the Crash Proof Retirement ® System

The Exclusive Crash Proof Retirement ® System is comprised of little-known Crash Proof Retirement ® Vehicles that are interest bearing accounts. The great thing about this class of investments is that they’re safe, and free of fees, however many investors are unaware of t...

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