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Billionaire Carl Icahn says he’s worried about the markets falling & the Fed not raising interest rates

Billionaire Carl Icahn says he’s worried about the markets falling & the Fed not raising interest rates


Carl Icahn is a billionaire American businessman, investor, activist, philanthropist, and the founder and majority shareholder of Icahn Enterprises, which is a diversified holding company based in New York City. Today, while appearing on the CNBC program “Fast Money Halftime Report” with Scott Wapner, Icahn stated:

“I am more and more concerned about the stock market, and many S&P 500 companies are way overvalued.”

Icahn added that he is cautious about the market on the long term basis, but on the short-term it’s “anybody’s guess.” See more below.

Last month, while speaking at a conference of business leaders, Icahn repeated his warnings about market dangers, saying there are problems regardless of whether the Fed raises rates. He said the Federal Reserve has created a “false market,” by not raising interest rates and:

“You look at the environment, and I think it’s very dangerous. You’re walking on a ledge and you might make it to the end, but you fall of that ledge and you’re really going to see trouble.”

Icahn added that “if the Fed does not raise interest rates, we’re in a bubble.”

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