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William Penn Inn Event Highlights Long-Term Care

William Penn Event

William Penn Inn Event Highlights Long-Term Care

King of Prussia, PA —

The William Penn Inn, located in Gwynedd, Pennsylvania hosted a Crash Proof Retirement® Educational Event featuring Phil Cannella and Joann Small on Tuesday, February 11, 2020.

With more than 160 in attendance, Cannella educated the audience about the benefits of long-term care protection, new rules in the SECURE Act that are changing IRA laws, and misconceptions about annuities. To open the program, Cannella and Small delivered a personal anecdote about their personal long-term care benefits. Together they described the overwhelming statistics that many older individuals – especially women – face the risk of being impoverished due to medical expenses in a nursing facility. The duo described this as one of the many reasons they decided to get covered themselves, as well as the freedom and security one receives when having long-term care protection.

“Instead of going into a nursing facility where you have 1 nurse taking care of 10 patients, wouldn’t you rather be home?” questioned Cannella to the crowd. Cannella added, “People 65 and older have a 70% chance of going into a nursing facility, male or female, for three years or more.”

Guests were encouraged by the prospect of receiving care in the comfort of their home. Mitch Dratkin, a retired automobile salesman from Fort Washington, Pennsylvania witnessed the costs of nursing homes and assisted living communities. Dratkin recognized the importance of having long-term care and stated, “I want to have the resources to be at home and have somebody possibly come to my house and take care of me occasionally if I need it.” He added that he would be more confident receiving care in a recognizable atmosphere, such as his home than in an expensive living facility.

In an attempt to engage those who didn’t believe that they will need long-term care assistance, Small added, “We hear, ‘I don’t have to worry about that because my kids are going to take care of me.’ Newsflash, they can’t take care of themselves!”

Cannella continued to educate attendees about the misconceptions surrounding annuities and the hidden dangers of the SECURE Act, which he argues is not secure for seniors. The audience received Cannella’s message, nodding their heads, and taking notes while following along with his energetic presentation. Following the program, guests were encouraged to submit a scheduling form if they were interested in making an appointment with Crash Proof Retirement. More than 50 households submitted forms, while some scheduled an appointment on the spot.

One individual, Paul Decker of Warrington, Pennsylvania was amazed when he heard about the benefits of long-term care. “I think we all know what long-term care in a nursing home is like. We’ve probably all been – at some point in time – in a nursing home at least visiting somebody. They’re terrible,” said Decker. When asked whether or not having long-term care in the home is worth the investment, Decker added, “It’s a no-brainer.”

Overall, the event sought to educate those in attendance about how the Crash Proof Retirement® System can keep investors safe from the volatility of the market, excessive fees from brokers, and most importantly the government. Guests were impressed with how they can live a “health-proof” life with long-term care protection, and finally, how to live “tax-proof” in a time when IRA and retirement plan laws are constantly being amended.

Crash Proof Retirement® LLC hosts educational events each month in Pennsylvania. For more information and to register for an upcoming event, go to https://crashproofretirement.com/crash-proof-retirement-events/.

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