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Radio Show: Financial Independence

Radio Show: Financial Independence

Hosts Phil Cannella and Joann Small interview a retirement expert and discuss freedom from Wall Street’s “stacked” system. Their #1 goal is to increase your financial literacy and to help you Crash Proof your retirement with the proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System®.


This radio show is a celebration of  America’s declaration of freedom. Where else can you find such a place of great opportunities? So, on this special day, Crash Proof Retirement wants to free you from the deception, high fees and corruption on Wall Street.

Speaking of Wall Street, are you worried about another market crash?

The market crashes of 2001-2002 and again in 2008-2009 wiped out investor’s gains. It took them years to recover their losses, unlike those whose nest eggs were and remain protected by the Crash Proof Retirement System®.

The Crash Proof Retirement System uses guaranteed fixed investment vehicles that are based within the financial life insurance industry. This is a safe and secure financial system where all the money you earn is credited as interest and can never be taken away.

That’s right. Could you say that about the stock market? The answer is no.

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Brokers in the securities industry still don’t have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients. Phil and Joann interviewed Teresa Ghilarducci, expert labor economist and asked why this is still the case.

“It’s the lobbying strength of the financial industry. For some reason, they’ve been able to manage long-term retirement money but not have what we call fiduciary duty,” said Ms. Ghilarducci.

According to Ms. Ghilarducci, the duty of loyalty is to the firm they work for versus total loyalty to the investor. She wants more regulations and the funding needed to help regulators police Wall Street’s brokers and advisors.

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Crash Proof Retirement® is built on truth and transparency. In fact, it’s the backbone of the company.

The decision to work with Crash Proof Retirement® is completely up to the consumer. During the three-step, consumer-driven educational process, consumers are encouraged to ask questions about things like credited interest with no fees or market losses. Most importantly, Crash Proof Retirement® wants everyone to feel secure about protecting their nest egg, whether they’re looking for immediate income, gathering accumulation or passing down a legacy.

Phil Cannella interviewed Dallas Salisbury, President and CEO of the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) about safe and secure investing.

According to Mr. Salisbury, individuals need to be prudent. They must have significant emergency savings and always be responding to investment sales with skepticism. People should consider both positive and negative outcomes and the associated instrument’s financial risk. Safe investing is the best kind of investment. If your money won’t be safe, then don’t take an offer.

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The number one fear people have in retirement is running out of money.  A close second is keeping the same lifestyle as they did during their working years. Their concerns are valid, since according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average household of people age 65 and over will spend nearly $50,000 a year in retirement.

The best way to eliminate fear is to be proactive. Come to one of our Crash Proof Retirement® educational events near you. Phillip Cannella and Joann Small will explain financial strategies to help you reap retirement’s rewards.

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