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Radio Show: Boom and Bust Cycles

Radio Show: Boom and Bust Cycles

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Hosts Phil Cannella and Joann Small talk about the fives phases of a financial  bubble, exclusive interview David Walker who talks about government debt and give Crash Proof Retirement® client updates on their commitment to the Crash Proof Retirement System®. Their #1 goal is to increase your financial literacy and to help you Crash Proof your retirement with the proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System® today.


The stock market is on steroids and experts are calling for a Recession, if not a downright crash. And, since that’s the case – this is no place to safeguard your investment. It’s the best way to protect your precious nest egg, especially if you’ve been saving for 25+ years. The Crash Proof Retirement System® is made for economic times like these.

To illustrate this point and that it’s only a matter of time before the Wall Street bubble bursts, he explained the five characteristics of bubble activity:

  • Displacement: A new paradigm investors become interested in
  • Boom: Prices rise and gain momentum
  • Euphoria: Investors throw caution the wind
  • Profit Taking: Investors start selling positions
  • Bust: Panic sets in and prices plunge

Tune into this informative segment and get ready to take some notes. Don’t miss it!


Phil conducts an exclusive interview with David Walker, the former Comptroller of the United States Government Accountability Office.

Here’s an excerpt from the show when Phil asked Mr. Walker if we are headed for a sixth debt crash in global history:

“Well, there are too many countries, including our own that have become addicted to spending, deficits and debt and the global economy is increasingly globally interdependent and interconnected. You can’t continue to spend more money than you make, charge the credit card and make promises you can’t afford to keep,” he said.

Hear more about David Walker’s unique insight on run-away spending.


You know the old saying – the proof is in the pudding. Well, the Crash Proof Retirement® System meets that standard. Don’t just take Phil and Joann’s word for it. Hear from happy Crash Proof Retirement System clients about how they’ve got peace-of-mind knowing their retirement nest egg is 100% protected and working 100% of the time for them.

  • “CPR to me means security. It means honesty, being upfront and being able to speak with people about our investments, and knowing that they are secure and I don’t have to wonder if I will lose money. And CPR to me really…it’s…I sleep well. I always would say to Randy if something happened in the stock market, do we have to worry? And there were times we had to worry. Since investing with CPR, I’ve never said that because I know its secure. It’s safe.”  – Randy and Valerie Maugle, Fountainville, PA
  • I’ve been listening to the Crash Proof Retirement Show® and I hear my fellow members of the program talk about the percentages that they’re making. I’ve been totally pleasantly surprised on my 2nd review that one of my vehicles made over 12% and another vehicle made over 8% so my combined investment here at Crash Proof I’ve realized a gain of over 7%. Which I’m totally happy with.”  – Nick and Mary DeVirgillis from Turnersville, NJ

Listen to these and other great client testimonials. Also, check out our other happy clients at


Phil and Joann are proud that the Crash Proof Retirement System® is a one-of-a-kind consumer advocacy show that provides an “education foundation” for the everyday investor.

They’ve noticed more and more people coming to the Crash Proof Retirement® offices a little more relaxed because these consumers are being initially educated by Crash Proof Retirement® financial education events. They come in armed with the truth.

And how nice it is to see a variety of clients share their own testimonials right in the Crash Proof Retirement’s® reception area when waiting for their first and second appointment or an annual review. Skepticism leaves their faces and turns into peace-of-mind.

The radio show is just the tip of the iceberg. You need to come to a Crash Proof Retirement® educational event to get the full benefit of a Crash Proof Retirement® education.

Now is your chance to hear for yourself all the helpful information from Phil and Joann about protecting your nest egg, while accumulating interest in the double digits. Click here for an upcoming event in your area and don’t forget to RSVP or call 1.800.722.9728 for more information.

Also, stay for dinner. You’ll be glad you came.



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