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The Crash Proof Retirement Show Premieres in Tampa Bay

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The Crash Proof Retirement Show Premieres in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay, Florida — The one and only Crash Proof Retirement Show, hosted by prominent Retirement Phase Experts, Phil Cannella and Joann Small, officially debuted this past Saturday, September 11th at 11am on News Radio WFLA in the Tampa Bay region of Western Florida, to educate Americans about retirement information that is critical to their financial health. Eager listeners tuned in to the heavily promoted event and heard—for the first time—accurate and unbiased journalism about the latest financial news concerning the American retiree; as well as some of the top financial challenges that women face during their retired years.

Leading from the forefront of the retirement financial community in the Philadelphia Metropolitan tri-state area and Southeastern Florida, Crash Proof Retirement, LLC Founder Phil Cannella and CEO Joann Small delivered their retirement and IRA expertise to the Tampa Bay region after 13 years of tremendous success broadcasting to consumers in Philadelphia and Southeast Florida. “Our mission has always been to change the financial industry and how it is stacked against those in or near retirement.

The securities industry operates on a platform of deceit and deception because they only offer risk assets. How do you safeguard your lifetime nest egg by keeping it at market risk, that’s simply not logical. That’s why our marketing plan is built on a foundation of truth and logic,” said Phil Cannella, the creator of Crash Proof Retirement System.

The nationally syndicated Crash Proof Retirement Show premiered on Philadelphia’s number one talk radio station in 2008 on the heels of the financial crisis to bring Truth and Accountability to the financial industry, while uncovering the corruption and greed that infected most Americans’ retirement dreams. “As a single woman having to make my own decisions, you need to have someone you can trust and feel comfortable with,” said Margaret Walters, a Crash Proof Consumer since 2011. “When I heard Phil and Joann on the radio, my first impression was like this is too good to be true and then I started to listen a little bit more and I felt a sincerity there, I felt that they were really looking out for the—I want to say the little people.” 

In 2012, Cannella expanded his reach after recognizing that traditional media outlets squash and withhold necessary information from retirees to make a sound financial decision and created Retirement Media, Inc to bring truth and logic to Americans in or near retirement. “Your financial decisions are only as good as the information you receive from your financial advisor; this is where truth and transparency are essential. Unfortunately, 95% of the financial information being heard on mainstream media, on the radio, seen on television, and read on the internet is inaccurate and ambiguous,” said Cannella, the Founder of Retirement Media, Inc. “The decisions you make today will mold your financial future.” Through his media venture, Cannella has provided cutting-edge research and expert interviews with industry professionals that are featured exclusively on The Crash Proof Retirement Show

“One of the highlights of The Crash Proof Retirement Radio Show is the interviews they do with Wall Street,” said JoAnn Mattia, a Crash Proof Consumer since 2014. “They provide a lot of transparency so that people like myself, who admit they’re not good with Wall Street and they’re not good with the stock market—it gives us good information and sound information.” One of the major focuses of Retirement Media’s research for The Crash Proof Retirement Show is about the topic of long-term care protections and the many challenges that women can face if they are not prepared for retirement. 

As a single woman who was preparing for retirement, Rochelle Porto listened to The Crash Proof Retirement Show for years before deciding to become Crash Proof in 2014. “A lot of the conversation was around women not knowing what to do with their money and, being single, I was just looking for something more stable,” Porto stated in an interview with Retirement Media, Inc. “I think women should stay on top of it—even if they are married—they should have a handle of what’s going on in their finances for their future.”

The Crash Proof Retirement Team is excited to bring their revolutionary educational radio program to the Tampa Bay region and are emboldened by the overwhelming response and support from area listeners. To learn more about Crash Proof Retirement visit and witness the truth by watching over 300 video testimonials, provided by real consumers who were given peace of mind in retirement. Or tune in every Saturday, starting at 11am on News Radio WFLA to The Crash Proof Retirement Show and hear what mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about your retirement finances. 

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