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The Crash Proof Retirement Show Listens to Our Consumers


Today we listened to what our consumers had to say about everything from a Roth IRA conversion to what a Crash Proof Retirement really means to the everyday retiree. As usual, we covered a lot of interesting topics and we would like to follow up by providing some great links to some invaluable educational material. So be sure to check out some of the links below!

Social Security Income Estimator Calculator

Publications for women in or near retirement, provided by WISER.

Couples: Learn how to double dip your Social Security benefits by reading this brief published by The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. – Strange but True: Claim Social Security Now, Claim More Later.

Squared Away, a website created by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, which is full of interactive educational material focused on all things retirement.

Educational Events

To see when the next Crash Proof Retirement Educational Event is coming tou your area, be sure to visit CrashProofEvents.com to see a list of all of the events taking place in the tri-state area for the rest of 2013.

To listen to more consumer testimonial and hear more exclusive interviews conducted by Phil Cannella and Retirement Media Inc., be sure to visit our media library at the top of The Crash Proof Retirement Show website.

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