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The Crash Proof Retirement Show Discusses Fiduciary Responsibility


On today’s show, we discussed the controversial topic of the need for fiduciary responsibility on Wall Street. Although since 2010 some politicians have been trying to enforce a fiduciary responsibility on Wall Street, the resistance coming from the large banks has kept Washington from making any real changes to the way the financial industry operates. Thanks to a bill that has currently passed the House and is moving on to the Senate that is rejecting the increase of fiduciary responsibility on Wall Street, it seems that financial advisers and stock brokers will remain the least regulated service sector in America.

For more information on the fight for fiduciary responsibility on Wall Street, visit the link below.

House Approve Bill to Delay DOL Fiduciary Rule

The bill mentioned in this article that is designed to keep regulators from enforcing fiduciary responsibility was created by Senator Ann Wagner. We did some reseach on who Ann Wagner represents, and let’s just say…. it’s not the everyday investor. Ann Wagner’s top contributor’s all come from the securities and banking industry. Click here to view a report on who has been funding Senator Ann Wagner’s campaigns to stay in Congress.

Women at Issue in Retirement with Joann Small

As mentioned, Joann Small wanted to share some great links to valuable information provided by WISER, Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement. Below is a link to take you to some suggested sites for our female audience to follow:


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