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Saturday, October 19th 2013

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Saturday, October 19th 2013


On today’s show, we exposed the true issues of the securities industry and it’s lack of regulation. More importantly we demonstrated how the insurance industry has strong regulation and is truly a consumer-first industry thanks to the great people of the States keeping an eye on things. We also featured a profile on Janet Yellen, who is set to take her new role as Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve next year. It is important to us to shed light on the progression of Women in powerful roles, as we have long been advocates for women’s equality.

The Brick House Industry

 To learn more about the insuarnce regulations within your state, be sure to look up your state’s Guaranty Association. Click here to view the Pa State Gauranty Association Website. 

Women at Issue in Retirement with Joann Small

To read more about our featured profile, Janet Yellen, click here to read her full bio.



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