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Saturday August 31, 2013

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Saturday August 31, 2013


This weekend, our hosts Phil Cannella and Joann Small covered the hot topic of the United States entering the Middle East yet again to bring justice to Syria, which has allegedly used chemical warfare against it’s citizens.

Phil and Joann reviewed the history of the tax rate during wartime in the United States and found that the events taking place in Syria could mean that you will be paying more taxes on your retirement income in the future.

Aided by the interview of the Director of the Nation’s leading center on retirement studies, Alicia Munnell, Phil and Joann review the #1 way those in and near retirement can protect themselves from the possible increase in taxes.

To read the study cited in this weekend’s Crash Proof Retirement Show® click below-

Should You Convert a Traditional IRA Into a Roth IRA?

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