“The millions of American women were amazing during WWII.  When they hired us, they didn’t ask if we were a Democrat or a Republican, they asked us to help save our country, which we did.  Our Veterans will tell you that they couldn’t have won the war if it hadn’t been for all the equipment that the women made for them.  We deserve this Congressional Gold Medal and it shouldn’t have taken our country 75 years to realize this.”

–          Mae Krier, an original “Rosie”


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Mae Krier, 93, has spent over thirty years working to reinforce the memory of the women who helped the war effort. Join her in support of Bill H.R. 1773, to award a Congressional Gold Medal, collectively, to the women in the United States who joined the workforce during World War II, providing the vehicles, weaponry, and ammunition to win the war, that were referred to as Rosie the Riveter, in recognition of their contributions to the United States and the inspiration they have provided to ensuing generations.

Introduced by House Representative Jackie Speier of California on March 14, 2019, Bill H.R. 1773 was referred to the Committee on Financial Services, and in addition, the Committee on House Administration. 

To send your customized letter of support, fill out the form and use the dropdown menu to choose which Senator from the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs you would like to receive it.

Once filled out, click “Submit” and you will immediately receive an e-mail with your customized letter attached telling your Congressman that all Rosie the Riveters deserve recognition for their service in the war. Print out the letter and mail it to the Senator you have chosen, postmarked to the address shown on your letter. If you prefer, you can also fax it to the number shown on your letter.

Thank you for supporting Rosie the Riveter!

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