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These days, it can be hard to find an honest retirement planner in Springfield, PA. You see, most financial advisors are only looking out for their own self-interest, so they don’t always give you the best advice about your retirement plan. These financial advisors know that high-risk securities-based investments land them the highest commissions, largest up-front fees, and recurring fees that make up most of their income. Typically, these products are not the best for your retirement plans, especially if you are already in retirement. So what’s the solution?

If you’re already retired, or you plan to retire soon, your primary focus should be mitigating risk. A traditional retirement planner might recommend high-risk securities-based investments, exposing your retirement savings to a tremendous amount of volatility and uncertainty. As millions of retirees found out in 2008, a market crash can wipe out all of your retirement savings. Luckily there are financial advisors and retirement planning products that can completely eliminate the risk of losing your retirement savings in a market crash, and they come with no up-front costs and no recurring fees.

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Springfield, PA Retirement Planning – Retirement Phase Expert Phil Cannella developed the Crash Proof Retirement™ System when he saw retirees all across the country lose their retirement savings in 2008. It was clear to him that traditional retirement planning strategies weren’t sufficient to protect people in or near retirement from market crashes. His radical new approach is now utilized by Crash Proof Retirement, and has protected over $400 million dollars in retirement savings in the past 3 years alone. During that time, not a single Crash Proof Consumer has lost a penny to fees, up-front costs, or market volatility. How many traditional financial advisors in Springfield, PA can say that?

Springfield, PA Retirement Planning – If you want to find out how Crash Proof Retirement™ can protect your nest egg without the fees and risk associated with traditional retirement planning products, all you have to do is attend one of our retirement educational events held at venues in Springfield, PA and all around the country. Whether you already have a traditional retirement planner in Springfield, PA or you are new to the world of retirement planning, attending one of these events is the best way to get all the information financial advisors won’t tell you. We are coming to a Springfield, PA location near you, so visit our events page to sign up today!


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