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Crash Proof Retirement is a new approach to retirement, designed to adapt to the many challenges that face retirees today. It is a system that emphasizes preserving wealth, planning for longevity, and a complete absence of market risk or ongoing investment fees. The Crash Proof Retirement® System was created by Phil Cannella in the wake of the early 2000s stock market crash, which devastated retirement accounts across the country. Founded by Phil Cannella, Crash Proof Retirement® has protected the assets of more than 5,000 retirees for nearly two decades, without a single client ever losing a penny to the risks and fees of Wall Street.

Retirement Planning in Ambler, PA: 

After recognizing that mainstream media was heavily biased towards Wall Street and their securities-based investments, Phil took matters into his own hands and launched the Crash Proof Retirement Show in 2008 to bring Truth to the American Retiree. Tri-state area listeners can tune in each week to Talk Radio 1210 WPHT to hear our licensed retirement planners talk about solutions for the most pressing financial issues for the American retiree.

If you’re looking for a retirement planner in Montgomery County, or need retirement planning services in Lansdale, PA, the licensed retirement phase educators at Crash Proof Retirement are here for you! Contact a retirement financial planner at Crash Proof Retirement today and begin your journey to a worry-free retirement with peace of mind. 

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