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If you’re a Philadelphia resident who is in or near retirement, it pays to have a plan. A personal financial advisor can help you, but only if they’re trustworthy and have your best interests in mind. So how do you know which personal financial advisor to put your faith in? Read on to find out more about finding a top tier financial planner in Philadelphia.

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What is Philadelphia, PA Retirement Planning? Some financial advisors will tell you that retirement planning means putting your nest egg at-risk on the stock market. If your Philadelphia, PA financial advisor is telling you that high-risk stock market investing is the only way to prepare for retirement, they don’t deserve your trust. You owe it to yourself to get rid of your old financial advisors and find one that knows which investments are appropriate for the retirement phase of your life. You need a Crash Proof retirement financial planner.

Crash Proof Retirement is a proven way to grow and preserve your principal investment without the recurring fees, up-front costs, and market risks associated with high-risk stock market investing. The Crash Proof Retirement System, used exclusively by Crash Proof Retirement, can help you achieve your retirement planning goals without all the usual downsides of securities-based investments. The Crash Proof Retirement Vehicles used by our financial advisors have shown consistently positive performance, during the 2008 market crash and once again in 2020. These investments are guaranteed and tailored to meet the specific needs of investors in or near retirement. In fact, we like to call our financial advisors “Retirement Educators” because they focus on helping you get all the information you need to make the best decisions about your retirement plan. Any personal financial advisor can put together a retirement plan for you; but only a Crash Proof Retirement financial planner can protect your nest egg from being lost to recurring fees and market risk.

Philadelphia, PA Retirement Planning

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Think of your Crash Proof Retirement Guide as a maestro conducting a symphony orchestra. Each financial product is like an individual instrument, contributing to the overall sound of an arrangement. In concert, these instruments produce a beautiful melody; your financial insurance instruments can do the same, producing a beautiful retirement plan for you. Provided by the top insurance companies in the country, these are the investment vehicles most Philadelphia financial advisors won’t tell you about. Different financial vehicles can be orchestrated to effectively work together to achieve your retirement goals, no matter what your retirement plan may be. With proper retirement planning, you can have guaranteed income, protect your principal, and growth that is comparable to that of more traditional financial products. You will also have the flexibility to alter your income if needed, maintain direct management over certain assets, and even access lump sum amounts in the event of a financial emergency.

1-800-722-9728 • Crash Proof Retirement •

What are Crash Proof Vehicles?

When you’re deciding on the best way to plan for retirement, you have two classes of investments to choose from.
Click here to read about the differences between the Risk-Class and Fixed-Class

High-risk securities-based investments like stocks, fall into the risk category. At Crash Proof Retirement, we utilize investments from the fixed-class, which contain features designed to benefit the consumers retirement plans. These Crash Proof Vehicles credit interest without ever having to risk losing your principal; in addition, they:

  • Are protected from Bankruptcy
  • Are tax-deferred
  • Give you access to your money at any time
  • Allow your beneficiaries to receive the investment’s full growth at your passing

These revolutionary investment contracts, which we like to call Crash Proof Vehicles, were created in 1995 and are issued by our nation’s best insurance companies. In 2010, the Wharton School of Business conducted a study on the performance of these investment contracts and concluded that they could not be placed in the same class with any existing investment product. Since they can grow your assets without the risk of being lost during a market crash, we refer to them as Crash Proof Vehicles. They also do not carry the same recurring fees as many Risk-Class investments, making them perfect for retirement plan investors that are in or near retirement.

Crash Proof Retirement

1-800-722-9728 • Crash Proof Retirement •

Crash Proof Retirement Consumer-Driven Process

While most other investment companies work with all age groups, Crash Proof Retirement focuses exclusively on those in the retirement planning and retirement phases of their lives. We are the only firm in the country authorized to use the Crash Proof Retirement Strategy and every one of our licensed Retirement Educators are required to attend continuing retirement planning education courses so they can stay up to date on the latest developments related to income planning, tax planning, and estate planning. Our financial advisors will be there with you throughout every step of the Crash Proof Retirement Consumer-Driven Process so you can feel comfortable making informed decisions about your future.

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