Is Phil Cannella the Financial Advisor for You?

Phil Cannella has been quoted saying, “Your retired years are not the end, but rather the beginning of the second half of your financial life.” Unfortunately, retiring doesn’t mean you are done. You still need to continue financial planning efforts to ensure all the hard work you have put into building up money for your retirement will stay in tact.

Smart and effective retirement planning takes work and foresight, and you need help from a retirement specialist like Phil Cannella to do it right. When you are in your retirement years, you need a financial planner who works exclusively with seniors and retirees. Advisors who don’t specialize in that niche do not understand the special challenges they face.

People are living longer and longer these days and you should be prepared to live well into your 80s and beyond. If that scares you, it shouldn’t because with the right strategies, your finances can hold up.

The right advisor is someone who is an expert in the little-known IRS and IRA rules that can be used to your advantage, who knows the client-driven financial instruments that can keep your assets safe and who will stop at nothing to see that you have the secure retirement you deserve.

One of the things that sets Phil Cannella apart from his competitors is compassion and life experience. He knows first hand the financial devastation that can occur in the retirement years because he lived through it with his family when his grand pop was taken ill. He knows the financial chaos that poor planning can wreak on seniors and the people who love them. It’s what drove him to become a financial retirement specialist and he won’t stand by while it happens to his clients. General practitioners, financially speaking, might be compassionate to your situation, but they simply don’t have the training, experience and expertise that Phil Cannella has.

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