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Radio Show: Annuities Explained

Radio Show: Annuities Explained

Saturday, May 11, 2019

On this show, host Phil Cannella and co-host Joanne Small talk about the difference between annuities and how to Crash Proof your retirement with the Crash Proof Retirement System.


There are three distinct types of annuities – fixed, fixed-index and variable.

  • A fixed annuity provides an income stream over time like social security and pensions;
  • Variable annuity– adds risk to your principal and hidden fees;
  • A fixed index annuity is tied to a market index such as S&P 500 or Dow Jones. The principal never gets touched, meaning you can’t lose it.

A Crash Proof Retirement fixed index annuity earns market-like increases in the form of interest paid. It tracks external equity indexes like the S&P 500 or Dow Jones but without the market risk. There is 100 percent protection from Wall Street’s ups and downs.

Crash Proof Retirement System’s vehicles are not actual securities, bonds or mutual funds. The main difference is that interest earned on index securities is credited to your account now, in the present, unlike stocks and bonds whose gains aren’t realized until you sell them.


Wall Street brokers, investment banks and advisors don’t have to follow any consumer protection or conflict of interest law – what’s called fiduciary responsibility. Simply put, it means placing the consumer’s interest ahead of an insurance company.

Phil interviewed Lou Harvey, CEO of DALBAR corporation the nation’s leading financial markets research firm.

Here’s his viewpoint:

“Surprisingly Wall Street is not operationally set up to handle a fiduciary relationship. It’s too expensive to replace compensation systems, retrain people, reinvent procedures and practices and invent new selling mechanisms,” Harvey said.

“The whole structure that’s been built over the last 100 years will have to be turned on end. That’s the thing they fear the most,” he said.


Crash Proof Retirement created a Salary Design team, consisting of independent licensed insurance senior advisors and salaried financial analysts. The advocates who meet with clients present an investment plan created solely by our financial analyst.

See for yourself. View the many testimonials on Crash Proof Retirement System’s YouTube channel and hear from hundreds of clients who’ve successfully Crash Proofed their retirement. You’ll find a common theme among these highly satisfied clients – education, no pressure and consumer-driven philosophy.

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