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Passion and Patriotism on Full Display at Crash Proof Retirement Educational Event

Springfield Event

Passion and Patriotism on Full Display at Crash Proof Retirement Educational Event

Crash Proof Retirement Founder Phil Cannella provided real financial solutions for hard-working Americans in Delaware County so they could learn more about how to protect their nest eggs from the economic risks of inflation, debt, and the policies of the current administration. 

King of Prussia, PA — Retirement Phase Expert Phil Cannella and Crash Proof Retirement CEO Joann Small received a thunderous roar of applause from over 130 guests at the Springfield Country Club following a passionate presentation of financial solutions to address the current administration’s politicization of retirement portfolios. The educational event was an eye-opening experience, filled with historical relevance, undeniable truths, and well-documented evidence of financial solutions for the American retiree. 

Audience members expressed concerns about high-inflation and the impact it is having on their retirement portfolios and Wall Street. “The stock market is really taking a big hit, the supply chain is causing a lot of problems and again, there’s no solutions coming from the Biden administration in solving that problem,” said John Warrington, a resident of Woodlyn, Pennsylvania. “We’ll throw another billion dollars over there, another billion dollars over here — he has no solutions at all.” Building off these concerns, Phil Cannella explained the security of the Financial Life Insurance Industry and how, unlike Wall Street, the Crash Proof Retirement System remains free from government interference. 

“[The Financial Life Insurance Industry] is so strong that the government can’t take over these accounts,” Cannella stated. “The government can take over the banking industry and they can take over Wall Street and don’t think they can’t do it because it was exercised in 1933 and labeled as The Great Depression.” While millions of Americans were unable to recover the money that they lost during The Great Depression, Cannella referred to legendary baseball player, Babe Ruth. At the time, the Yankee’s slugger had a Crash Proof Investment in the Financial Life Insurance Industry, and not only did Babe not lose a single penny of his investments during the Depression, but he also maintained access to his money. 

Today, the United States is suffering from a similar type of financial uncertainty as high inflation, soaring debt, and international crises put pressure on the American retiree. Using well-documented evidence, Cannella attributed high inflation to massive government spending and the overprinting of currency from the Federal Reserve. “80% of the money in circulation today was printed during the last two years,” Cannella illustrated. Cannella was referring to the spike in M1, which is the Federal Reserve’s measurement of money supply in the United States. “That’s like taking a quart of freshly squeezed orange juice and diluting it by adding a pitcher of water.” Overprinting from the Fed in conjunction with massive stimulus spending efforts from the federal government overheated the economy and led to the inflationary pressures that Americans are feeling today, as well as the volatility felt on the stock market. 

While these issues are consequential for all American retirees, they are especially critical for women in or near retirement. Peg Panichelli, a resident of Springfield, Pennsylvania brought her friend Michelina Kuhn to the event to learn more about saving money in the face of crippling inflation. “This economy is a killer,” said Panichelli. Although Panichelli and Kuhn continue to work, Kuhn wants to gain the financial security to retire comfortably. “I’m scared to death of stocks and especially at my age I fear taking that risk,” Kuhn expressed. “By keeping the money in the bank, I’m not making anything.” 

Panichelli attended Crash Proof Retirement Educational Events in the past and convinced her friend that now is the time to get educated. Recognizing the importance of receiving a financial education, Panichelli encourages other women, especially married women, to take more control of their financial future. “We don’t have men in our lives at this point and we make it on our own, so we do what we have to do,” Panichelli stated. “Women should come out, even if you’re married, you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

Throughout the program, Cannella highlighted a litany of failures from the current administration that are creating a national economic crisis, and in turn threatening the security of American’s nest eggs. These failures included, but were not limited to: rising crime levels, supply chain disruptions, gasoline prices doubling, shutting down the Keystone Pipeline, inflation reaching a 40-year high, massive government spending, and millions of immigrants flooding the southern border and the costs associated with housing, feeding, providing healthcare, and transporting those illegal migrants. Perhaps the most embarrassing failure, according to Cannella, is the current administration’s weak and feeble efforts to represent the United States on the global stage. 

“If this is what the current administration has done in the last 12 months, with no solutions and pointing their fingers at everybody else but themselves, where do you think we’re going to be in the next three years?” Cannella questioned. “You better be ready and not get ready, because this administration is coming down the retirement superhighway to politicize your portfolio with higher taxes and is driving this country into a financial crisis.” 

Although Cannella spoke the truth, one woman in the audience took offense to the argument, screaming at Cannella “you said in the beginning not to get political, [but] you were political all the way through.” As the outburst continued Cannella proclaimed that he is a proud American and asked whether she considered herself the same stating, “Then you better care about what’s going on in this country.”  

After the event, Cannella was asked what he thought about the outburst, stating that heckler was in denial. “Obviously, she couldn’t handle hearing what the Biden administration has done and I’m not quite sure why she came out to the event.” Although these educational events are not political, Cannella says that “the last 12 months of this administration has shown the politicization of American retiree’s portfolios” and believes that this is information that Americans need to hear. 

Jeff Reading, a Delaware County resident from Broomall, Pennsylvania understood Cannella’s message about the policy disasters of the current administration after listening to The Crash Proof Retirement Show. Reading came to the event to learn more about the solutions that Cannella has championed for nearly two decades with the Crash Proof Retirement System. “The current administration — they got a lot of people nervous about what’s going to happen next; therefore, you have to plan and prepare,” stated Reading. “I just want to be able to keep enough money to eventually give it to the children, that’s the ultimate goal.” 

Phil Cannella and Joann Small will be hosting their next Crash Proof Retirement Educational Event on April 26th at the Falls at the Double Tree in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Additionally, the Crash Proof Retirement Team will be holding more educational events in May and June. To reserve your seat at one of their upcoming educational events, call 800-722-9728 or visit https://crashproofretirement.com/crash-proof-retirement-events/

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