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Levittown, PA Retirement Planning – Retiring in the 2020s is unlike retiring at any other time in history. If you want to overcome the challenges faced by today’s retirees, you need a new approach to retirement, one that emphasizes preservation of principal, planning for a long retirement, and eliminating risk and fees from your portfolio. Crash Proof Retirement®®™ is a new retirement strategy and it has already helped more than 5,000 consumers in communities like Levittown across the country achieve the peace of mind they need in retirement. If you are looking for Levittown, PA Retirement Planning services, you owe it to yourself to find out more about the Crash Proof Retirement® System and how it works.

Phil Cannella developed The Crash Proof Retirement®®™ System after seeing just how devastating stock market crashes could be for retirees. While a traditional financial planner in Levittown might recommend securities-based investments that can rapidly lose value during a market crash, Crash Proof Retirement® relies on vehicles based in the financial life insurance industry. Our team carefully curates these vehicles to select the ones with the specific properties that are most beneficial to retirees. We call them Crash Proof Vehicles™ because they:

  • Are guaranteed to prevent you from losing your principal during a stock market crash
  • Are free from any ongoing or upfront fees
  • Are tax deferred
  • Can credit interest at rates similar to securities-based investments – and once your interest is credited, you cannot lose it

If you want to find a retirement planner in the Levittown area that will always look out for your best interests, you need to get in touch with First Senior Financial Group today. As the only firm in the country authorized to use the revolutionary Crash Proof Retirement® System, they are uniquely qualified to assist you in developing a secure retirement plan. Call
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