Reactions to Phil Cannella's interview with former SEC Inspector General
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Interview with H. David Kotz

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Interview with H. David Kotz

Phil Cannella sat down with H. David Kotz, former inspector general of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and asked the questions that every investor should be asking. The thought provoking interview recieved some passionate reactions about the flaws in our financial industry.

UPDATE: Phil Cannella Featured In BLOOMBERG NEWS over controversial interview!

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March ’12

“Mr. Cannella’s interview with Mr. Kotz really impressed me that he was able to even get the interview. And it says it says a lot about his reputation. Mr. Kotz knows what’s going on in the industry and I know his hands are tied and it almost it’s almost like a conspiracy. It’s almost like he they’re in on it.”

“Mr. Cannella’s interview with Mr. Kotz, I guess put himself in a very precarious position. Just the answers that he gave – that so much is wrong and he was trying to be very upright and honest but it seemed that um the answers that he was giving just made you more and more upset. I have to say that Mr. Cannella’s interview with Mr. Kotz at the SEC was an eye-opener it’s a frightening eye-opener because you sometimes think somehow that there’s somebody that’s backing you or has your back and in this case I realize that no one has our backs. Except for Mr. Cannella. So from that perspective I’m glad to be here I’m glad to hear we had to say and I’m glad to have our next interview and talk.”

*Phil Cannella and FSFG are not affiliated with the S.E.C or ANY government agency.


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