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Famed Economic Forecaster Harry Dent on The Crash Proof Retirement Show

Famed Economic Forecaster Harry Dent on The Crash Proof Retirement Show

Featured Guest


Renowned Economic Forecaster Harry Dent, Editor of the free newsletter Survive & Prosper Joins the Crash Proof Retirement Show®

 Harry Dent is most recognized for his past accurate market predictions such as the bull market of the late 90s as well as the crashes of 2001 and 2008. This week he is a featured guest as he shares with our listeners his economic projections for 2014.  Be sure to tune into the Crash Proof Retirement Show® in the coming weeks as we follow up with research on some of Harry Dent’s alarming economic forecasts!

Women at Issue

This week our Women at Issue segment focuses on the concern women have when seeking the proper advice from a financial professional. Joann Small cites an article published by InvestmentNews.com, the nation’s leading source of information for financial advisors. The article reviews a study that shows an overwhelming majority of women do not know the proper questions to ask when they are considering working with a professional advisor. We then feature an interview with a financial writer from InvestmentNews.com, Ms. Liz Skinner, who gives the listeners some advice on how to better evaluate the financial advisor you are considering working with.

Click here to read the cited article, Women Not Sure How Their Advisers Make Money: Survey

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