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Former Fed Manager Andrew Huszar Speaks on the Economy

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Former Fed Manager Andrew Huszar Speaks on the Economy

The Crash Proof Retirement Show

This week The Crash Proof Retirement Show welcomed Professor Andrew Huszar. Professor Huszar is a former Finance Manager for the Federal Reserve who recent shocked the nation with his publication in the Wall Street Journal, in which he apologized to the American people for helping execute Quantitative Easing, the economic stimulus plan that he now believes is driving our economy towards another crisis.

As usual, Crash Proof Retirement takes the news and gives you the truth behind what it all means for you and your retirement. Quantitative Easing has been the backbone of the recent bull market and arguably the only thing fueling the markets to drive to these record heights. Professor Andrew Huszar’s insight comes with perfect timing, as the Federal Reserve has recently announced it will begin pulling back on this stimulus program.

Be sure to listen to the full version of this exclusive interview conducted by Phil Cannella, as Andrew Huszar delivers expert insight and advice you won’t hear on any other media platform. Click the video below to listen in on the full interview.

During Phil Cannella’s exclusive interview with Professor Huszar, The Fed announced that it will begin tapering the QE3 program by $10 billion per month. Click the video below to listen in on their follow-up discussion, two days later, and find out what the tapering really means for investors.

Andrew Huszar is a Senior Fellow at Rutgers Business School. Follow Professor Huszar on Twitter: @andrewhuszar

Women at Issue in Retirement

Joann Small once again hit the airwaves with a call-to-arms for women everywhere to get involved with the household finances. Given the uncertainty of today’s economy, and even more uncertainty of our nation’s financial markets, Joann urges women to play a bigger role in the investment decisions made in retirement. Women are more conservative in nature when it comes to investing, and 2014 is looking like the kind of year that conservative investing will pay off.

To get more information and on issues concerning women in retirement, click here to visit The Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement.

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