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Exposing The Truth

Exposing The Truth


After listening to Phil Cannella at a Crash Proof Retirement educational event, retirees discuss how Mr. Cannella exposed truths they were otherwise unaware of.

Feb. ’12

“What I learned tonight from Mr. Cannella’s Crash Proofing course was that there are ways to secure your future, and it isn’t all smoke and mirrors it’s formulated and guaranteed ways of accomplishing that goal.”

“I learned from Mr. Cannella’s Crash Proof prevention that there are vehicles out there that offer us security for our retirement.”

“When I saw the Wharton study, which I never even heard of until tonight when i heard Mr. Cannella speak all of that. That right there is something that i really want to get into.”

“Seeing the Wharton study reinforced that there are positive ways of guaranteeing a long-term growth in your investment and that there are also ones that don’t do that. So it’s nice to see the comparison between proven and maybe hype.”

“After I saw the Wharton study and the graph that they showed, I was impressed that these vehicles were available to us with the least in the minimum amount of risk involved.”

“The Crash Proof financial vehicle that I learned about just from
day one is a wonderful tool. I’ve learned that you are you’re almost like a sculptor you’re just you’re just knocking out those tough points to
create that that perfect thing for you. Today’s workshop gave me the tools to – I hope I can chip away that the loose stone and create that
sculpture that i can get something that i can live with and depend on. This workshop has given me those tools so i can begin to weed a way that the bad wood. The bad things in my plan so ican be comfortable
in this retirement.”

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