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Empowering Women: “Being Single Is the Hard Part”

Empowering Women: Financial Fallacies

Empowering Women: “Being Single Is the Hard Part”

Each week on The Crash Proof Retirement Radio Show, Joann Small hosts a special Empowering Women segment in which she educates all listeners on the unique challenges women face when planning for retirement and the proven solutions available to them.

In this clip, Crash Proof® consumer Rochelle Porto shares how she received peace of mind through Crash Proof®’s educational process and why, as a single woman, Crash Proof®’s experts are especially helpful throughout her financial journey.

Report Transcription

Joann Small said,

“And for all the single women out there, our doors are open to you to assist in organizing and improving your retirement finances with our educational process, just like we did for Rochelle Porto of Philadelphia.”

Rochelle Porto said,

“Crash Proof Retirement is a feeling of security. I just have peace of mind, knowing that what I’ve earned isn’t going to disappear and that there’s still a possibility that every year there’s going to be a nice gain. And if not, I have an annual review so that I can make some changes. I can rest assured but at the same time, it gives me something to work toward. 

And again, being single, that’s the hard part. I don’t have somebody else to rely on. So I have you guys, I have Crash Proof® as experts, then I think women should stay on top of it. Even if they are married. They should have a handle on what’s going on in their finances for their future. Never know what’s going to happen next.”

To hear more from Joann Small’s weekly Empowering Women segment, visit https://crashproofretirement.com/radio-show/  or tune in to The Crash Proof Retirement Radio Show, Saturdays at 11 AM and Sundays at 1 PM on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT.

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