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Detroit Bankruptcy; A Sign of the Bond Market Fallout Coming to the USA?

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Detroit Bankruptcy; A Sign of the Bond Market Fallout Coming to the USA?

The Crash Proof Retirement Show

This week Phil Cannella and Joann tackled the complex yet devastating story unfolding in Detroit, as the city’s retirees face the loss of their pensions and municipal bonds due to a bankruptcy judge declaring this week for the first time ever that a city can file for bankruptcy.

As usual, Crash Proof Retirement takes the news and gives you the truth behind what it all means for you and your retirement.

This week also gave host to a very special and informative Women at Issue in Retirement. Phil and Joann featured the voices of multiple experts on some of the top concerns women are struggling with in retirement. Check below for some of the links we told our listeners to look out for.

Women at Issue in Retirement

Those of you who tuned into the Crash Proof Retirement Show this weekend heard audio of Suze Orman, as she gave a motivational speech to women, encouraging them to get more engaged in their finances. Watch below to see the rest of Suze Orman’s speech from the ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference.

 Alicia Munnell, Director of the Center for Retirement Research

On this week’s The Crash Proof Retirement Show, Joann Small conducts an interview of Alicia Munnel, the Director of the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, the nation’s leading Center for retirement research. After hearing from Alicia Munnell, Joann Small did what Joann Small does best, she spoke to women about the solutions to the everyday problems that women face everyday and don’t know where to turn. Watch the video below to hear more from the interview with Alicia Munnell.

Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement(WISER)


Click the image to visit this great non-profit website full of Great information for retirees!

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