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Crash Proof Retirement Show: Phil Cannella and Joann Small Discuss Safe Alternatives

Crash Proof Retirement Show: Phil Cannella and Joann Small Discuss Safe Alternatives

On Saturday’s Crash Proof Retirement Show, Phil Cannella and Joann Small explained the wonders that the Crash Proof Retirement System can perform for people in or near retired years—then welcomed some special Crash Proof clients to prove it!

“As consumer advocates, Joann and I are determined to educate people in or near retired years,” Phil Cannella told the listening audience. “The Crash Proof Retirement System is guaranteed to protect your retirement nest egg against a market crash or downturn—yet it still allows for the potential of double-digit gains!”

While Wall Street advisors attempt to make every dollar they can off your nest egg via fees and commissions, the team at First Senior Financial Group is paid via a set salary. This eliminates the conflict of interest that exists in the Wall Street environment. The exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System creates a custom-fit Guide that accomplishes the specific financial goals of each couple or retiree, while providing peace of mind throughout your retirement.

Two people who have benefitted from that peace of mind are Curtis and Michelle MacKay of Langhorne, Pa. The MacKays came to Crash Proof Retirement in 2011 after their retirement nest egg barely survived the Great Recession.

“After the market crash, we knew we had to do something,” remembered Curtis, who works in construction.

Michelle MacKay added that she found the Crash Proof Retirement System easy to understand, and welcomed the protection and security that came with being Crash Proof.

“After 2008, so much of our money went away,” she recalled. “Knowing that now, we can’t lose any money—that’s the best feeling of all. This is a long-term strategy.”

Later in the show, Phil Cannella and Joann Small discussed the latest happenings in the financial and retirement news—including a recent article from US News and World Report that offered some not-so-helpful advice to people looking to improve their retirement.

Among their ‘hints’ for improving retirement, with thoughts from Phil Cannella and Joann Small:

• Start saving more money (“Sounds great, if you don’t have any expenses!” said Phil Cannella.)
• Use your home equity (“You didn’t work all those years to give up your dream, or to move away from your family and friends,” said Joann Small.)
• Maximize Social Security (“If you need money in retirement, how the heck are you going to postpone your Social Security benefit?” asked Phil.)
• Work longer (“In other words, just work until you pass on!” Phil Cannella summarized.)

“This article is further proof that mainstream media still doesn’t get it right when it comes to giving you objective financial information,” explained Phil Cannella.

“There’s no advice about what to do if your money’s on Wall Street, no advice on safe alternatives. Thanks for nothing!”

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